15 Work From Home Apps to Make You More Productive

15 Work From Home Apps to Make You More Productive

Working from home (WFH) has become a daily routine nowadays. Many worries that working from home will actually reduce morale and productivity, especially for those who are trying it for the first time. The solution, you can use work from home apps that can increase productivity while working.

There are many useful WFH applications to support working-from-home activities. All of these applications have their respective functions, ranging from time management, communication with colleagues, meetings, and so on. All of these applications have been widely used by employees during their working-from-home period.

This time, AdIns will review some suitable applications to increase your productivity during WFH. Immediately read this article to the end to find out the list of applications.

List of Work From Home Apps for Productivity

Work from home apps, 15 Work From Home Apps to Make You More Productive, Advance Innovations

All applications that will be reviewed in this article are not only applications from abroad which are commonly used by many employees. There are also applications by developers from Indonesia, namely AdIns with undoubted credibility and functionality. What are the applications? Let’s go over the list of WFH apps below.

1. Zoom

Many companies have used Zoom to hold meetings with internal teams or clients. The latest version of this application can accommodate 1000 participants making it ideal for holding webinars or events. Zoom has a host and co-host feature that manages events so that meetings can run smoothly and be conducive.

You can also record video meetings of up to 1 GB so that they can be watched again by participants who did not attend the meeting. In addition, Zoom also has a breakout room feature to divide meeting participants into small groups without having to leave the main meeting room.

2. Trello

Trello is very useful for running project management while working from home. You can find out the list of projects to be worked on, the employees who worked on the project, the progress of the project, and the deadline. The display is in the form of several cards that can be sorted based on the priority scale of work.

You simply change the position of the card to another column to change the work progress and coworkers will receive progress reports via Trello notifications. In addition, Trello also has a deadline reminder in the form of a date that can be yellow or red.

3. Asana

This application is ideal for those of you who have a large team in the company. Just like Trello, Asana is also useful for project management or work in progress. The difference is, you can find out the progress of the project in real-time. There is also a workload feature that is useful for dividing job descriptions or tasks among each working employee.

For company leaders, you can find out which projects are being worked on by the team with the following project feature. Asana is also equipped with a comment feature so you and your team can discuss or share ideas about projects that are being worked on.

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4. Oh Bother

The next example of work-from-home apps is Oh Bother, which is very useful for those of you who live with family or have to do household chores during working hours. This app can let family members or housemates know that you are at work and cannot be disturbed. While resting, you can set the status to “can be bothered” and set the time duration

There are several status options to choose from, starting from work, attending online meetings, and so on. This application can be used by anyone because it has an easy-to-understand interface.

5. Clockify

Clockify is very useful for those of you who are still having problems with time management. This application has been used by various international companies because of its very complete working features. Clockify can record the duration of the work done in a period of daily, weekly, to monthly.

As one of the most reliable work from home apps, Clockify is very useful for those of you who are frequently meeting clients on-site. You can provide information on the number of clients and the duration of the meeting through the GPS feature installed in this application/

6. Evernote

Are you a creative worker who needs work from home apps that are suitable for you? Evernote is an application that is suitable for creative workers such as content writers, graphic designers, and so on. You can immediately write down ideas while browsing the internet, save articles for later writing references, and share notes that have been made with colleagues.

You don’t just take notes by typing with Evernote. Other note formats such as images, voice recordings, or handwriting can also be created using this application. Notes that are made will be stored neatly and can be accessed by colleagues anywhere.

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7. Slack

You don’t have to switch between applications to communicate with co-workers and send files because Slack is there. This example of work from home apps will provide a more professional communication experience thanks to its features.

You can communicate through the channel feature to coordinate with the team or direct message if you want to chat privately with colleagues. You can also make video calls or voice calls through this application. In addition, Slack also features a file delivery feature that is integrated with Google Drive to increase work efficiency.

8. ARS

Work from home apps, 15 Work From Home Apps to Make You More Productive, Advance Innovations

Apart from international developers, let’s move on to the work from home apps that have been developed by AdIns. First, there is the Advance Reporting System application which is useful for the owner or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. You can monitor the company’s performance through the dashboard available in this application. ARS presents progress information in the form of graphs or tables that are easy to read so that it can be used as material for your evaluation.

Interestingly, ARS also provides information about the latest regulatory compliance so that your company can immediately adapt to these regulations. Therefore, ARS is ideal for start-up companies or small and medium-sized businesses that are just starting their business.


For those who work in the marketing or finance industry, you can use PROFIND to get to know potential customers. PROFIND is an EKYC (Know Your Customer) system so that you can analyze potential customers only through the dashboard of this application. PROFIND is also ideal for profiling customers from the millennial generation who are today’s target market.

PROFIND is also integrated with more than 10 online services, ranging from e-commerce, banking applications, e-wallet, and others. You can create profiles of potential customers more accurately and quickly and stay productive when meeting prospective customers outside the office with this application.


You certainly still need files or archives from the database even though you are working at home. LiteDMS can be a solution for storing company documents or archives without having to come to the archive room just to find the data you need. All data stored in it can be accessed anywhere just by using the links provided.

You don’t need to doubt the security of this application because every document has been equipped with an encryption and watermark process. LiteDMS also comes with a search feature, so you don’t have to go through the entire file directory to find the file you need.

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SUPRBOARD can greatly help IT teams stay productive and focused on their main tasks. You don’t need to monitor the company’s IT network 24 hours a day and come to the office if something goes wrong. SUPRBOARD alone is very useful for monitoring all internet network conditions, from websites, and applications, to servers remotely.

All forms of network management such as router and switch management, interface and bandwidth monitoring, and PBX monitoring are directly carried out by SUPRBOARD. This application also intervenes immediately if an error occurs in the company’s internet network.

12. AdIns Mobile Multifinance

The next work from home apps on this list is The Mobile Multifinance Application managed by AdIns to support your productivity. You can fill out the attendance list remotely as well as communicate with co-workers only with this application. Even though it is an application designed to always be connected to the internet, you can still operate this application offline so that the progress of your work is stored safely.

AdIns Mobile is also ideal for companies that have previously launched mobile web applications for your customers. You do not need complex programming skills if you want to update the application you have designed because this application will do it directly. AdIns is ideal for companies in the field of financial technology that are experiencing rapid development in recent years.

13. aCloud

Are you an employee in charge of your company’s IT infrastructure? The solution is that you need to try the aCloud app. This application is very useful for managing the creation and management of cloud-based infrastructure widely used by companies today.

Thanks to this application, you no longer need to do monotonous IT work. You can focus on business development through IT tasks that are more urgent and must be completed immediately.

14. Intelligent Data Capture

AdIns also has an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based application called Intelligent Data Capture that supports employee effectiveness while working. You don’t need to retype all the data in a printed document into a digital document thanks to this flagship scanner application.

The data that has been scanned with this application can still be modified according to your needs. In addition to documents, Intelligent Data Capture can also be used to scan important documents belonging to your customers if they want to use the products or applications offered.

15. AdIns Digital Signature

The last example of the work from home apps in this article is the AdIns Digital Signature app to make the file signing process more effective and faster. You don’t need to visit the office or the superior’s house because you can simply use this application to virtually sign the required files.

Using this application means that you are also protecting the environment by reducing the use of paper for document printing purposes. AdIns Digital Signature is also useful for proving the legality of the signer so that it can reduce fraud by irresponsible parties.

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Besides AdIns’ homemade digital signature application, all other applications designed by AdIns have received positive reviews from various companies that have used them. Many companies have recognized the reliability of AdIns products in increasing productivity even though they are working from home. So, feel free to contact AdIns via WhatsApp here to try out the demo version or to know the full features of all our apps mentioned above.

There are lots of reliable work from home apps to support work productivity when you’re working at home. Make sure you use all of these applications to the fullest so that your work can be completed quickly!

Work from home apps, 15 Work From Home Apps to Make You More Productive, Advance Innovations

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30 December 2022