5 Effective Stages of Staff Recruitment

5 Effective Stages of Staff Recruitment

Every HRD in the company must design optimal stages of staff recruitment. This is very important because it will affect the quality of the staff candidates recruited by the company. The ideal staff candidate must be able to carry out the role well, align with the organizational culture, and make important contributions to the team.

In this article, you will get to know in more detail about the five stages of effective staff recruitment. Here, you can also recognize the various types of selection that are commonly used during the staff recruitment process in a company.

The Purpose of Staff Recruitment

The purpose of recruitment is to attract and select the right candidates to fill certain positions in companies or organizations. The stages of staff recruitment are also useful for meeting the needs of Human Resources (HR) required by companies in dealing with market demands or business expansion.

In addition, recruitment objectives also include:

  • Get skilled, expert, and experienced candidates according to the position.
  • Increase the diversity and inclusivity of the company by recruiting candidates from various backgrounds and experiences.
  • Reduce company costs in the long run by recruiting the right candidate for the position.
  • Building a positive image of the company by recruiting qualified candidates.
  • Increase the productivity and effectiveness of the company by recruiting the right candidates.
  • Provide a pool of qualified candidates (talent pool) to be selected by the company.
  • Maintain consistency of strategy, insights, and corporate values.
  • Fulfilling corporate responsibility in efforts to create employment opportunities.

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Stages of the Recruitment

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The stages of staff recruitment are included in one of the most important processes of a company because they are directly related to the management of the HR ecosystem. The following are several stages in the staff recruitment and selection process at the company, including:

1. Administrative Selection

You can make administrative selections from several assessments, such as:

  • Educational background
  • Work experience
  • Capabilities of prospective staff

The assessment will be summarized by prospective staff in the form of a cover letter and curriculum vitae so that prospective staff must understand the qualifications in the recruitment and selection process for staff at the company.

2. Interview with the HRD

When prospective staff have passed the administrative selection stage, the next step is to conduct interviews with recruiters from HRD. This will usually be done by calling potential candidates to be able to attend and conduct an interview session. In the process of recruitment and selection of staff at companies, questions that are commonly asked by recruiters are about work experience, daily activities, and the self-potential of the prospective staff.

3. User Interview

After the interview with the recruiter from HRD, the next step is to interview the user. Prospective staff will be asked several questions regarding the work techniques that will be carried out later. In addition, the recruiter will also ask how the prospective staff worked at the previous workplace and what tasks have been carried out.

4. Psychological test

If you have passed the previous two interview stages, usually staff candidates will go straight to the psychological test stage. This stage aims to see how the potential and talents possessed by job applicants are directly related to the needs and culture of the company.

5. Interview with the HRD Chief

After all the previous stages of staff recruitment have been completed, prospective staff will enter the interview stage with the HRD manager. This interview is conducted to know the feasibility of the prospective staff in the position they applied to. Also at this stage, prospective staff can discuss salary ranges.

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Types of Selection Tests

There are various methods used by companies in the staff recruitment process. The following are some of the staff selection tests that are usually carried out, including the following:

1. Cognitive Test

Cognitive tests are used to measure the intellectual abilities of prospective staff. The variables seen in this test include remembering ability, understanding ability, analytical ability, verbal ability, and numeric ability.

2. Personality Test

Personality tests are carried out by companies to measure the emotional tendencies, traits, mental strengths, and weaknesses of prospective staff, as well as various other personality elements needed by the company.

3. Psychomotor Test

This psychomotor test is carried out to measure the extent of a person’s physical strength, body coordination, muscle control, and dexterity at work.

4. Interview Test

Interview tests are carried out in the staff selection process to dig in-depth information about the applicants. This relates to work experience, educational background, work motivation, and other information needed by the company.

5. Interpersonal Test

This test is intended to measure the extent of a person’s ability to communicate with his social environment. This test can help the company to see how far the prospective staff is capable of solving a problem and negotiating with outsiders.

An in-depth understanding of the stages of effective staff recruitment enables business owners to identify the required qualifications for each position and make better selections in selecting suitable staff. This helps to ensure that the business is staffed with qualified staff and is in line with the needs of the company.

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stages of staff recruitment, 5 Effective Stages of Staff Recruitment, Advance Innovations

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19 June 2023