5 Roles of Information Technology in Business in the Digital Era

5 Roles of Information Technology in Business in the Digital Era

There are many roles of information technology in business that you can do since it is impossible to do business nowadays without technology. Either for the business owners to the staff, all of them must understand technology if they want to survive and be better. Technological development is actually seen as a greater business obstacle rather than the business’ competitors.

The fact is that technology brought so much simplicity in doing business for the companies. Jobs can be done faster and handling customers can be easier. Our products can be marketed to an even wider market segmentation, which results in an increasing number of customers.

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Common Roles of Information Technology in Business

It turns out that the roles of information technology are not limited to the benefits we’ve mentioned above. In business, there will always be parties that reap the benefits of technology.

There are five significant roles of information technology when used in running a business. What are they?

1. Facilitating Communication

Technological development always offers simplicity in communication, such as the ones seen in messenger or e-mail applications. This function can be felt by a company’s staff, customers, and even product distributors.

E-mail and messenger applications can be a cheaper communication platform compared to the telephone. Moreover, communication can be faster, which results in lag-free information delivery.

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2. Data Management System

Modern information technology also makes data management easier. Business or company archives are identical with the documents that now take the form of digital data within the company’s computers.

The digital documents can be easily stored and accessed by everyone, regardless of their distant position from the office. The stored data can sustain itself until several years where it can be used for evaluation materials. Furthermore, digital data is deemed as more economic and environment-friendly because of the lack of paper waste.

3. Simplifying CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be done easier thanks to the development of information technology. Business and customer service can now be done for 24 hours straight since the business no longer requires physical and time limitations to work.

Information technology is also capable of developing bots for automatic communication services that can serve customers immediately. Moreover, CRM can also store the customers’ chronological data as records of their activities.

For example, a customer wants to know the status of the ordered product delivery. The CRM system will assist the staff in receiving the necessary information so that the customer can be served professionally.

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4. Information Source for Business

Information technology is capable of providing beneficial information for a business. If the business wants to develop, it must actively find any information that can assist its development.

Although there are so much information and knowledge about business on the internet, companies must be careful in filtering the actually useful information. Apart from information, companies can find potential business partners that can become reliable in the future through this technology.

5. Facilitating Information System Management

The last role is simplicity in a company’s information system management. The stored data can be used effectively by using the information system.

For example, a company can use the sales data, prices data, and productivity levels as materials for evaluation to increase the profit numbers. With the existence of a computed information system, the staff who require the data can receive the data easily. It can be concluded that the roles of information technology in business not only create effectivity, but also an increase in sales profit. Use this technology now to keep up with the trends by relying on an IT solution for your company with AdIns. Contact our team now to get more information about our products and services!

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11 November 2021