5 Ways for Counting Work Days in Excel

5 Ways for Counting Work Days in Excel

In the modern era distinguished by its widespread use of technology, the use of Microsoft Excel has become a tool that helps in data management and calculations. One of them is used to perform precise workday calculations.

This article will discuss how to calculate working days in Excel, understand the rules of working hours based on Law Number 11 of 2020, and dive into the benefits of accurate working day calculations. Without further ado, let’s immediately read the complete information below!

Working Hours Rules According to Law Number 11 Year 2020 Article 21

The working hours rules mandated by Law Number 11 Year 2020 on Job Creation, specifically in Article 21, provide a clear framework regarding working hours for employees in Indonesia.

The two main options given in this regulation are 7 hours a day and 40 hours a week for 6 working days, or 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week for 5 working days. This flexibility provides room for companies to adjust work schedules according to operational needs and provide wider choices to employees.

In addition to providing flexibility for companies and employees, this regulation also creates a better balance with international standards. Through this choice, Indonesia can improve the competitiveness of its workforce in the global market, in line with broader international practices.

Companies’ responsibilities in implementing this regulation include organizing and reporting regularly to ensure compliance. Companies also have a responsibility to ensure that working hours not only meet legal requirements but also support employee well-being and productivity.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application program developed by Microsoft. Excel can be used to create, manage, and analyze data in the form of tables or worksheets. The program is part of the Microsoft Office software package.

Excel offers a variety of features that allow you to perform mathematical calculations, data analysis, charting, and data formatting. A worksheet in Excel consists of columns and rows that form cells where users can enter data or formulas.

The program is often used in various fields, including business, finance, education, and research, due to its ability to efficiently organize and analyze data.

Benefits of Using Excel

Accurately calculating working days provides several benefits for both employees and employers. Some of the benefits are listed below.

1. More Efficient Time Planning

By knowing the number of working days, individuals can plan their tasks and projects more efficiently. This helps avoid work overload and ensures that time is optimally utilized.

2. Accurate Salary Calculation

For companies, calculating working days correctly is key to accurate salary calculations. This ensures that employees are rewarded according to actual work time.

3. Proper Performance Evaluation

Companies can measure employee efficiency by seeing how well they complete tasks during the workday. Accurate data helps in providing more meaningful feedback.

4. Optimal Project Monitoring

In projects with deadlines, counting working days provides an edge in project monitoring and management. Management can plan deadlines more accurately and avoid potential delays.

5. Strategic Decision Making

Accurately calculating working days provides better data management, supporting strategic decision-making. This information can help in planning major projects, choosing the right time for product launches, and managing human resources more effectively. With this data

How to Count in Excel

Counting working days in Excel can be done easily. Follow the steps below carefully to calculate employee workdays correctly.

1. Create a Table

First of all, create a structured table in an Excel worksheet. Make sure the table includes the necessary columns, such as the employee’s name, start date, current date (as a reference for calculations), and a column for the total number of working days. Make sure that every data is entered accurately and without errors so that the calculation results will be reliable.

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2. Use the NETWORKDAYS Formula

Next, use the “NETWORKDAYS” formula to calculate the number of working days automatically. This formula is written as “=NETWORKDAYS(start_date; end_date)” where “start_date” represents the starting date of work, and “end_date” is the current date. Thus, Excel will automatically calculate the number of working days between the two dates, ignoring holidays.

3. Enter the Days the Employee Did Not Work

If there are holidays, leaves, or other absent days, add this information to the calculation. Use the same formula, which is “NETWORKDAYS”, but this time includes the list of dates the employee was off with the formula “=NETWORKDAYS(start_date; end_date; list_of_holidays)”. Make sure you have previously created a special table to record the days of absence.

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4. Formula Key (Optional)

To improve accuracy and prevent unwanted changes to formulas, use the formula lock feature. After entering the formula, simply press the F4 key. By doing so, the formula will remain stable when copied to other cells in the worksheet.

5. Pay Attention to Weekdays

It is important to remember that this formula assumes standard working days (Monday-Friday). If your working environment has different working days, adjust this formula as needed.

By understanding and applying how to calculate working days in Excel from our explanation above, you can optimize time management. However, to improve efficiency further, consider using the Advance Reporting System application from AdIns

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