6 Cool Examples of the Implementation of The internet of things around us

6 Cool Examples of the Implementation of The internet of things around us

The progression of this era increases at a significant rate due to the presence of cutting-edge technologies in each coming day. There will always be new technologies that are designed to assist human tasks. The proof of the increasingly advanced progression of our society is the presence of the internet of things around us. Without us even knowing it, the implementation of the internet of things has already accompanied our daily lives.

The presence of the internet of things (IoT) is very useful in assisting our daily tasks. For that reason, many types of equipment are developed with IoT. In fact, the development of many IoT-based tools is becoming the focus of the current technology development.

What is the internet of things?

To be more familiar with this technology, we need to understand first what the definition of the internet of things is. At its basics, IoT is a system that exists in an object that sends data through a network without the role of human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions. The point is hardware objects that we use every day are integrated into the information network continuously.

IoT surely possesses its own characteristics that distinguish it from other types of technology. These characteristics are counted as IoT’s elements, such as sensors, connectivity, and small-sized device.

1. Sensor

This element is the most distinguishing characteristic of the internet of things with other types of technology. A sensor can assess and define an instrument so that the object with IoT technology can be more active and integrated with the real world. A sensor can also provide information to its users regarding certain things. Examples of sensors in IoT are movement sensors, sound sensors, air sensors, and many others.


The internet of things indeed contains many types of networks within it. All these networks are connected with the existing systems in IoT objects, so that they can work on certain tasks more efficiently and assist the lives of their users. Because IoT also contains an information system, the element of connectivity is very much influential to perform information exchange.

Small-sized Device

Technology not only creates a more advanced system, but also small-sized devices. The purpose behind its development is made clear to increase work efficiency and ease of use for the human users. Also, do not even try to underestimate this kind of device, as it is capable of increasing the accuracy, stability, and flexibility of the IoT system inside it.

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What are the Examples of the Implementation of The internet of things?

The implementation of the internet of things is actually more commonplace than we would like to think. When we prefer using QR codes to typing website URLs that we are going to visit, that alone is considered as an example of IoT. In Indonesia, there are already many examples of the implementation of the internet of things. Here are six examples of them.

Smart Refrigerator

Yes, the very device that is used to store and preserve food has also used the internet of things system. What makes it different from conventional refrigerators? A smart refrigerator is equipped with a sensor that can monitor the amount of food and drink inside the refrigerator through the touchscreen. When you are in a shop, the feature inside the smart refrigerator will notify us of the number of items that have been exhausted so that we can know it beforehand.

2. Jakarta One Card

Citizens of Jakarta can be proud of themselves. The reason is Jakarta One Card that many Jakartan citizens have now is already supported with IoT technology. The card that is produced by Bank DKI is an integration of electronic ID card, BPJS, and payment method when shopping. Inside the wallet, the citizens do not have to own many cards, because many public services in Jakarta such as MRT, TransJakarta bus, and even local hospitals can be accessed with this single card.

3. Bus Suroboyo

Not only Jakarta, but Surabaya also has its own IoT-supported public facility, known as Bus Suroboyo. Riding public transportations can be easier now, since we only have to scan the QR code when inside the bus stop. Citizens of Surabaya can identify the location of the nearest bus, bus schedule, and routes. Another marvel of Bus Suroboyo is its ability to change red traffic lamps into green as the buses cross the street.

4. Smart Home

IoT technology is also useful in maintaining a home’s security through Smart Home. Sensors in this technology allows it to detect activities both inside and outside the house, down to the most suspicious ones. However, Smart Home should first be connected with Wi-Fi so that it can work optimally, where it can even close the house’s fence gate when the owners are too lazy to close it by themselves.

Smart Bike

Have you ever seen a bike outfitted with a touchscreen? That is one of the examples of implementation of IoT in a vehicle known as a Smart Bike. This bike can be controlled with an application, where its security system can be configured. Using the brake in this bike no longer relies on pressing both of its brakes, as now it can be done with a single touch in the application.

Automatic Sprinkler

Sprinkling the plants does not have to be a hassle anymore as it can be done with a single application. This technology is originally used in Jakarta to water some of its largest parks. This automatic water sprinkler will work based on the previously configured schedule. Six implementations of the advanced the internet of things above are very interesting for you to try, are not they? Their sophistication can efficiently assist humans’ daily jobs. For that reason, companies should prepare themselves immediately to participate in the increasingly advanced technological development. You can now try the Ad-Ins Mobile application for the simplicity of your jobs. You can also find out more about the excellence and benefits of this application by applying a demo to us.

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12 August 2021