8 Important Elements of Office Administration, Here Are The Explanation

8 Important Elements of Office Administration, Here Are The Explanation

The success of work in office administration certainly has a major impact on the success of the company. This field of work helps the company so that every job and task carried out continues to run as it should. You need to apply the elements of office administration to achieve success in this line of work.

Administrative elements in general must include people, cooperation, and company goals. Likewise for office administration, you must have at least one employee who is willing to work together in achieving goals related to office management. In addition to these elements, several other elements must be met in office administration.

Read this article to the end so that all elements of your company’s office administration can be met properly!

Elements of Office Administration

Important Elements of Office Administration, 8 Important Elements of Office Administration, Here Are The Explanation, Advance Innovations

Eight elements of office administration must be met by a company to meet its business goals.

1. Management

Management is a core element in office administration. Office administration will always require management in the implementation process. Management itself means the process of compiling or organizing work by a group of people to achieve organizational goals.

There are three levels of leadership groups in management, namely top management, middle management, and operational management. Top management is the driving party or leader in the organization, while middle and operational management sections are the driven parties. Leadership is important because it can enable management to be carried out well.

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2. Organization

The organization is also the top element in office administration. An organization is a place where office administration activities operate. Everyone who works in the field of office administration can work together as a unit to achieve organizational goals.

The organization also regulates the division of responsibilities and tasks as well as the determination of employment relationships. Employees can know the tasks that must be done so that they can work in a directed manner and more easily achieve common goals.

3. Finance

Office administration also takes care of finance-related work in its work. This administrative element is related to financing issues in carrying out work or cooperation contracts. Financial activities include how to obtain costs, use costs according to accountability, manage payments, and determine sources of costs.

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4. Inventory

Inventory relates to equipment or supplies needed. Organizations need a clear inventory so that their operational activities can run until they reach their goals. Office administration takes care of the procurement of goods, storage of goods, and disposal of goods that are no longer used.

The equipment also requires regular maintenance so that its function is maintained. Lack of maintenance will cause the equipment to be easily damaged which results in it requiring more costs to repair.

5. Communication

Communication is also an important element in office administration. In communication, information is passed from one party to another so that cooperation can run smoothly. In addition, communication must be carried out in a timely manner and both parties must have the same understanding to avoid miscommunication.

Ineffective communication costs not only time, effort, and thought, but also costs. When a communication breakdown occurs, one or both parties will definitely feel aggrieved because no one understands the message. The form of communication referred to in this point can take the form of messages, orders, requests, and so on.

6. Administration

Although it has the same title as administration in general, the administrative elements included in this sub-point are related to services and the implementation of business activities. This office administration element includes the activities of recording, storing, and sending data or information. This activity is commonly called office work because it is always carried out in the office complex of an institution or company.

Administrative activities in this sub-point include the following work:

  • Correspondence: drafting, typing, signing, and sending letters.
  • Archive: storing data or information in a safe place according to certain procedures and systems so that they are easier to find if needed. This archiving activity is no longer carried out conventionally because it has been replaced with various software Document Manager which is much more effective and efficient.

7. Staffing

Staffing has a direct relationship with the use of Human Resources (HR) in the company, specifically in the aspect of office administration. This element is very necessary because office administration activities will not run smoothly without human resources. There are five processes in the staffing element, namely recruitment, acceptance, placement, empowerment, and termination of cooperation.

The company’s human resources must be developed so that employees are more enthusiastic and able to produce the best performance at work. The office administration is also responsible for replacing workers who resign or are fired so that the organization’s activities continue to operate as they should.

Baca juga: 8. Public Relations (PR)

Office administration does not only have internal elements, but also external ones. Public relation is an external element that must be realized so that the company has good relations with the community and stakeholders who act as policymakers. Companies can also get support from the community consciously and voluntarily.

There are two public relations activities carried out by the company, namely formal and informal activities. Formal activities are carried out directly by the leadership of the organization and its representatives. Meanwhile, informal activities are related to employee attitudes when outside the organization as their work environment.

All of the above elements no longer require conventional equipment to perform tasks in office administration. Now, you can fulfill all these elements with the help of technology. One of them is the Document Management System (DMS) software from AdIns which is definitely useful for fulfilling the eight elements of office administration above.

The DMS application can be a solution for those of you who often find it difficult to find important documents in the archive room. DMS presents document digitization technology so that it is easier to find without wasting more time. Documents will not be lost and avoid digital data theft because it is equipped with an encryption system in it.

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Important Elements of Office Administration, 8 Important Elements of Office Administration, Here Are The Explanation, Advance Innovations

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23 December 2022