9 Essential Objectives of Office Administration

9 Essential Objectives of Office Administration

Office administration holds an important role in your company. Organizational work can run smoothly thanks to the role of an office administrator. Developing the company’s management smoothly is an example of objectives of office administration that are made to help the company’s operations.

Many people in the younger generations don’t see office administration as an exactly interesting job. The reasons are mostly clichéd as they see that office administration is tedious in general and irrelevant in the modern digital era. In fact, this job is so related to the company’s organizational work.

Read this article further to know about the definition and objectives of office administration to make a company better in general!

Definition of Office Administration

Office administration is a series of management-related activities that include planning, organizing, directing, supervising, controlling, and implementing policies related to the company’s operationalization. Office administration is also related to financial planning, personnel management, and inventory as well as logistic distribution in a company.

In his book, “Principles of Management”, George Terry stated that office administration isn’t just about management. Office administration has the role of an incentive for the staff in the office administration division to implement their work goals perfectly.

There is also another opinion about office administration from Prajudi Atmosudirdjo, Director of Indonesia’s State Administration Institute. He believes that office administration is a combination of corporate management and operation management. Corporate management defines a physical office as a location consisting of buildings, personnel, equipment, and land), while operation management means all work carried out in the office.

As for office administration tasks, such as writing correspondence, inputting, archiving, and recapitulating data, receiving phone calls, planning office agendas, and managing office inventory. All of these tasks are related to operational activities within the company.

Objectives of Office Administration

Objectives of Office Administration, 9 Essential Objectives of Office Administration, Advance Innovations

Now that we’ve explained a bit about the definition of office administration in general, it’s time for us now to explain the office

1. Providing Information

Office administration is closely related to data and information management. This work exists to provide complete data and is needed by several parties in carrying out their duties. Office work can run effectively and efficiently because of the large amount of information available that supports employees at work.

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2. Supervising the Company’s Works

Office administration is also a representative of the company’s leadership in supervising operational work in the office. This supervision aims to ensure that every work and administration can be carried out in accordance with the deadlines, procedures, and general standards that have been set. The goal is to ensure that all work runs smoothly and can achieve the company’s planned targets.

3. Implementing Office Policies

All company policies and regulations are also designed by the office administration. They must be the first to implement the policy and provide a good standard of management service to employees and customers. Employees will also follow the applicable policies if the office administration participates in implementing them.

4. Communicating with the Staff

Office administration can also double as the Human Resources Department (HRD) team in the company. They have a common goal in work related to Human Resources (HR) development. One of them is communicating with employees in identifying problems during work and their solutions. They also give appreciation to employees if they succeed in achieving certain targets at work.

5. Providing Training for the Staff

Office administration also aims to provide training to employees. Training is useful for developing their skills and abilities during work. Employees with high skills will be able to provide the best work performance so that the company can achieve its goals faster.

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6. Performing Verification and Evaluation

This objective relates to general office administration work. They must verify, monitor the entire work process, and provide an evaluation of the process that has been carried out. Office administration also makes reports on the production process, product delivery, and employee payroll.

7. Commencing New Staff Recruitment

Office administration also aims to increase the number of employees so that the company’s HR needs are met. A sufficient number of employees can maximize the company’s operational processes. They are also responsible for conducting the recruitment process, starting from screening candidates, conducting tests and interviews, as well as onboarding employees.

8. Explaining the Work Procedures

Work procedures and policies within the company are mandatory things that office administration must know. They explain all the procedures so that employees can work according to the standards that have been set. The goal is to produce goods or services that are safe for use by consumers.

9. Implementing and Developing Numerous Work Skills

The job of an office administrator also requires several abilities to achieve its goals. They must be able to communicate well, master the technology used, have management skills, document and correspondence management, customer service, and finance. All of these abilities are very helpful for office administration in carrying out their work.

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There are so many objectives of office administration that must be met for the success of a company. They will not be able to achieve these goals faster if there is no technology to support their work. That is the importance of using the Document Management System (DMS) application in completing work in the field of office administration.

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Objectives of Office Administration, 9 Essential Objectives of Office Administration, Advance Innovations

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