Every company has their own stories. Companies like Apple and Google didn’t start big as they are today; they started themselves from humble beginnings. Initially, Google was only a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were only PhD students at Stanford University. In the same page, Apple was initially started at Steve Jobs’ parents’ home in Los Altos, California, where he founded the company. These two companies had to build themselves steadily with full compassion to develop themselves into their current state of business in this modern era.

None of these two companies started big in the same way as they are today. Since computer development companies have only begun to make significant strides back in the 80s and 90s, an internet-integrated modern society was unthinkable at the time. Computers were costly back in the day, and they were simply not practical to use. However, later development for a more practical personal computer (PC) and internet technology eventually paved a chance for these companies to take off.

Moreover, so is the case with Adicipta Teknologi Inovasi (AdIns) as well. First founded on April 21 2000, AdIns is an Independent Software Provider that prided itself in many financial business solutions. Throughout its history, AdIns offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions for multiple financial businesses from customer finance to leasing solutions. To make this work, AdIns utilizes advanced IT service to help its clients in formulating business intelligence solutions and offering IT training sessions.

Due to its role in the multifinance industry, it is no surprise that many of AdIns’ founders also worked in many other financial companies before. Specifically, some of AdIns’ founders have worked in several financing companies such as Astra Credit Company (ACC) and many others. Guntur Gozali, CEO and one of the founders of AdIns, had worked in ACC and two other financing companies before he decided to build his corporation. Along with his younger relative-in-law, he decided to found AdIns in 2000 due to his past experience and education in the IT field. This, in turn, gave birth to the company that is currently known as AdIns today.

Over the course of its history, AdIns prides itself in the empowerment of young professionals. This is done deliberately to boost its own technical productivity and its image as an open-minded solution provider company. By empowering young professionals as the spearhead of the company, AdIns seeks to optimize the work productivity from all of its staffs. By fostering a friendly and home-like work environment, this is an indispensable factor in AdIns’ enduring success.

To provide the best service for its customers and client, AdIns offers several product services to serve its clients. One of the most commonly known service that AdIns is the CONFINS (Consumer Finance and Leasing Solution) Product Service. In short, CONFINS is a core system dedicated to manage financing companies and their clients’ personal data. Being one of the earliest product services from AdIns, CONFINS is also vital for multifinance companies to ensure continuous business growth and work productivity in their respective companies.

Therefore, it is crucial for multifinance companies to have a particular set of system to manage all of their clients’ data. For AdIns, CONFINS has provided software systems and solutions for all of AdIns’ clients. Often times, companies have a hard time to properly manage their customers’ data and preferences in a single workable database which can be detrimental for their business. In addition, it is up to IT companies to step in to provide a much-needed solution to decrease the unnecessary workload from these companies. Moreover, for AdIns, CONFINS is the answer to increase the management rate of important consumers’ data.

The success of CONFINS and AdIns’ other product services has won trust and preference from many of AdIns’ clients and customers. Due to AdIns’ emphasis on continuous IT development and betterment of its services, many have benefitted from its product services. Many have felt satisfied with the performance from CONFINS and many other product services due to their well-preserved quality in fulfilling the customers’ needs. Several performance gaps, such as the lack of a well-regulated customers’ data management and staffs’ operational standard, have been mended with CONFINS’ tested performance. This results in the clients’ trust for many of AdIns’ product services over the past few years.

In the end, AdIns never stops in improving and upgrading its service for both regular clients and possible new customers. As one of the most notable IT and multifinance development company in Indonesia, AdIns never stops for upholding integrity and commitment for a better IT technology development in Indonesia. And to reach that goal, AdIns will always maintain its reliability and trusteeship in creating a healthy competitive IT development market In Indonesia for the sake of the clients and customers.

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02 June 2020