AdIns Action in Responding to the Government Credit Relaxation Policy

AdIns Action in Responding to the Government Credit Relaxation Policy

The spread of Covid-19 in this country has affected various economic sectors, from macro to micro. This impact affects the financial condition of finance company customers in Indonesia, in anticipation of the economic downturn due to the impact of Covid-19, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) announced a credit relaxation policy which was realized through POJK No.11 / 2020 concerning National Economic Stimulus as a Countercyclical Policy on the Impact of Disease Coronavirus Spreading 2020.

In this credit relaxation policy, waivers to customers, including extending credit terms, deferring some payments, and other types of relief offered by finance companies. Customers who wish to apply for relief must meet several conditions, including business actors affected by the spread of Covid-19 and also several other criteria set by finance companies.

How does PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi view this credit relaxation policy? AdIns is an IT solution company that creates core systems for finance companies in Indonesia. AdIns as a company that has been established since 2000 and has been serving the financing industry in Indonesia for 20 years with a variety of technology solutions to support finance companies’ performance improvement. AdIns has end to end solutions for finance companies in Indonesia, both end to end core system solutions, mobile solutions, document management, and Business Intelligence. AdIns is a company that will continuously provide the best solutions for clients, and will support the government’s efforts in implementing this credit relaxation policy to prevent adverse effects on the national economy.

, AdIns Action in Responding to the Government Credit Relaxation Policy, Advance Innovations

AdIns proactively works with 25 multi-finance companies that use the AdIns core system, CONFINS. We discuss the relaxation rules from the government and how changes are related to the processes and systems that clients need to help finance companies quickly adopt this relaxation credit policy. What AdIns has done is a concrete step to support AdIns clients to remain alert in accommodating the changes desired by the Government and the Financial Services Authority regarding this relaxation-related policy.

We quickly formed a special team to help finance companies that use our core system solutions, CONFINS. We discuss and provide several alternative solutions to clients before making changes or enhancements to the CONFINS system, which of course varies according to the decisions of each company regarding alternative solutions to be implemented.

We work hard to make these changes when we also have to do 100% Work From Home, coordinating all changes online with all our team members. And ensure that each solution is completed on the agreed schedule. Our team works through the night to discuss, work, and implement changes that occur in our core systems for each client.

, AdIns Action in Responding to the Government Credit Relaxation Policy, Advance Innovations

Not only our programmer team who work hard, our Quality Assurance team, which ensures that every change made in each core system of our multi finance company clients, has been carried out according to the solution that was set together before being submitted to the client for implementation. AdIns Quality Assurance Team works closely with the Quality Assurance Team from the client team to ensure all system changes run according to the alternative solutions that have been agreed to be implemented.

AdIns always complements and updates the knowledge of their team, in various lines and ranks with the latest regulations related to the financial industry from the OJK, both from the management level to the programmer level. Our team is accustomed to making changes to our core system CONFINS, which is used by finance companies to be able to maintain compliance with the rules set by the government and the Financial Services Authority that oversees the industry.

Therefore, we are proud to say that CONFINS as a product of 100% the work of the nation’s children, is the only core system for multi-finance companies that have complied with the rules of the Financial Services Authority and as a market leader in the Industry, our system has been used by more than 25 finance companies in Indonesia. We will continue to innovate and work to create applications to support the finance industry so that it becomes more effective and efficient in every process for the economic progress of our beloved country Indonesia.

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18 May 2020