AdIns Became a Sponsor on APPI’s National Seminar

AdIns Became a Sponsor on APPI’s National Seminar

On Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 – AdIns as a member of the Indonesian Financial Service Association (APPI) supported another national seminar entitled “Recognize Financing Debt In The Political Year”. This seminar was to enrich any information about multifinance forms and adjust it with AdIns dynamics solution that already proven to be impactfull positively with multifinance clients. Placed in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, this seminar was attended by about 73 multifinance company and 236 people from all around Indonesia.

While enjoying coffee break session, the representatives of various company had some intent talks with each other. This event united a lot of multifinance company especially in multifinance sector.

Mr. Antonius Agus Rahmanto from Jakarta Regional Metropolitan Police had succesfuly filled the first session. AdIns believed by supporting this APPI’s seminar, AdIns can obtain more  comprehensive knowledge of multifinance company, filter the core of their needs and make it into the alternative features of AdIns service and solutions.

AdIns account manager were having some enthusiastic conversation with some guests. They were pleased to met Adins account manager in persons that were very helpfull explaining the different and benefits using AdIns products. And indeed AdIns want to always keep and elevate its values and best services is one of AdIns priority.

Author :

Anisa Andamdewi

Published date :

07 March 2018