Executive Business Luncheon 2017

Executive Business Luncheon 2017

[Today] – Inviting most reputable multi-finance companies in Indonesia is a good opportunity to share the solutions from ours and partners that may help them to stay ahead in the business. AdIns is one must solution for multifinance that having several trusted system and service. Those system and service are CONFINS, AdIns Mobile, ADI-Pay, Document Solution and HR Solution Services related to IT Professional. Therefore, on Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 AdIns hosted an event as called Executive Business Luncheon at Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta for such.

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This was a yearly event for customers to be updated also mingle directly with our solution advisor. There were a lot of parties showing interest to attend this event, 23 multifinance companies, and more than 10 AdIns’ partners were participating in this event.

In this event we shared several solutions; e.g. ADI-Mobile, LiteDMS, CONFINS. One, ACE (IT Outsourcing Services Company), Network monitoring tools, Mobile Device Management (MDM) etc. These products will support field operation of the salesperson, surveyor, and collector (ADI-Mobile)

Easy managing document digitally (LiteDMS)

Managing financing business efficiently with trusted core systems (CONFINS.One)

Help you organized IT professional (ACE)

And controlling other operation through using the remaining above solutions. You may explore our solutions more in this site.

As an IT solution provider, our target is to help our valuable customer to focus on their business and let our worries for the IT matters. So that AdIns only deliver the reliable and trusted product solutions and services that were already successfully implemented in financing company during the years.

Author :

Priska Audiya

Published date :

12 July 2017