AdIns Document Solution – Digitalizing & Managing Your Documents Easier

AdIns Document Solution – Digitalizing & Managing Your Documents Easier

As a company that having lots of document in many categories, have your company ever been in a high difficulty to maintain it?

If the answer is “yes” and your company still use conventional way and many papper for all documents, this time for your company to move to a better even simpler way. AdIns have prepared one helpfull service and solution to answer the kind of problem.

Its called AdIns Documents Solution. It contains Digital Processing Outsourcing (DPO) and Lite Document Management System (Lite DMS).

  • DPO which provides Back Office Outsourcing which focusing on customer’s internal business functions for document data entry including application form, invoice, claims, etc. This allows companies to focus on their core business processes.
  • Lite DMS is another solution that provides digital content repository and archiving solution for digital documents.

Advantages :


  • Improving productivity and efficiency in document operations through Automation and Document Intelligence.
  • Improving HR perfomances
  • Cost savings
  • Focus on core business competency

Lite DMS

  • Central repository of digital documents
  • Helping organization for fast – easy search and find digital documents
  • Secured document access (Front end & Back end secure access)

Back to the question before, If the answer is “no”, then kindly ask these question : Do your company still suffer from these things like documents in other way have accessed by unauthorized staff or account, it still take a long time for documents retrieval, can’t locate document you need right now and running out of storage space?

Change over to more helpful digital software, AdIns Documents Solution. By using Lite DMS, it is able to cover all problem that mentioned above. Here are key features of Lite DMS :

  • Simple deployment, user training & usage
  • Page per page view & download (Save bandwidth)
  • Faster image loading (File base content repository)
  • Secure file storage (Encrypted File)
  • Integrated to AdIns CONFINS & Mobile products

It is indeed having a comprehensive workflow but trusted, secured, and easy in use. And there are still many more advantages of these document software solution could bring. AdIns Documents Solution can be used of most various company background, no exception for multifinance.

Contact us for a further information and try this simpler solution for your company documents. We are happy to engage with you as soon as possible.

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Author :

Anisa Andamdewi

Published date :

24 May 2018