AdIns Planning Cycle in Jogjakarta

AdIns Planning Cycle in Jogjakarta

The series of AdIns Strategic Planning Session 2020 is already started since November 2019. Then, a few weeks ago, AdIns already held a kick-off meeting on January 10-12, 2020. The management highlights a company’s commitment to do organizational transformation since 2019 in this planning session. In 2019, management has a “consolidation for a continuous growth” theme. In that year, the company tries to change the priority in the company mission. Previously, the customer is the main priority, but now, the employees are the main priority. The company sees employees as the main asset and focusing on the capacity and capability of everyone in the organization. This internal consolidation in the organization is focusing on try to make the organization better, communication between unit/department, and business process improvement and a more effective and efficient procedure. AdIns is also implementing tools to increase their productivity, the 4DX (4 Degree of Execution) where the team is actively executing each task to reach the organization goal. So, it’s not only the increase in productivity but also improvement in company engagement with the organization.

In 2020, management tries to bring the “Service Excellence” theme as the basis for all business units and department heads to build financial budgeting in 2020. Hopefully, each business unit and department head is able to increase service quality to support the theme and also implement the ITIL and create good corporate governance. It is in line with a company mission to grow together with business partner and customer and also giving the best services so that all stakeholders in the ecosystem (in this case, Multi-finance industry) is growing better and sustainable. 

This activity is held in Yogyakarta, and not only serious meeting, but also fun outdoor activity such as Lava Tour Merapi with the off-road jeep, a visitation to cultural sites such as  Museum Ullen Sentalu and Keraton Yogyakarta, shopping for merchandises in Malioboro street, enjoy the cultural art in the Candi Prambanan. And they also enjoy traditional Yogyakarta cuisines such as Sate Klathak, Gudeg, mie Lethek, and Nasi Pecel. This activity is useful to strengthen the relationship between the business unit and department head and also increase teamwork, especially between the board of directors and the whole team. Then, this event is also a recreational event after the business unit and department head work hard for two months to build financial budgeting in 2020. Hopefully, in this new year, we can reach all goals and missions. SALAM Satu AdIns!

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16 March 2020