AdIns Project Signing Ceremony with Wuling Finance Indonesia

AdIns Project Signing Ceremony with Wuling Finance Indonesia

Monday, December 17th 2018- PT. Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi (AdIns) and PT. SGMW Multifinance Indonesia (Wuling), establish CONFINS R2 Core Systems project implementation. The event was attended by a number of directors and project team alignment of both AdIns and SGMW Multifinance Indonesia.

The event starts at 10.00, Sinarmas MSIG Tower -South Jakarta and running smoothly. Guests from the two companies present and occupying a seat is provided in ceremony room watched the presentation of the project timeline and flow.

Certificate signing cooperation project conducted by Guntur Gozali, as Managing Director of AdIns and Sun Zhonghao as President Director of SGMW Multifinance Indonesia. As a form of support and commitment to supporting project success project teams in attendance from both sides reached 25 people.

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SGMW Multifinance Indonesia is on of many clients that trust CONFINS R2 as their core system solution , as a vendor, AdIns expects the whole implementation in this project can transition and run smoothly, as part of contributing a good services for SGMW Multifinance Indonesia.

SGMW Multifinance Indonesia support team involved in the project to establish good communication and relationship so this project can run effectively and efficiently. Guests listening to the project presentation and scope of work in order to support CONFINS R2 product implementation.  The event closed with a photo session and documentation with the officers of the company and guests.

Implementation of event CONFINS R2 is evidence of trust SGMW Multifinance Indonesia to AdIns who has created many years with a good reputation in the software vendor multifinance so interested and contribute greatly in needs multifinance solution.

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17 December 2018