AdIns Support On Microsoft’s Industry Summit 2017

AdIns Support On Microsoft’s Industry Summit 2017

On Wednesday, November 15, 2017 AdIns in collaboration with Samsung were attending one of Microsoft yearly event called “Microsoft’s Industry Summit”. This event especially destined for Financial Services Industry which was held at Ballroom 2 in Ritz Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place.

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Given the privileges, AdIns facilitated all the visitors to try AdIns Mobile Apps. Those were Mobile orders, Mobile surveys and Mobile collections through our demo unit (Samsung series J5 and J5 Prime), which certainly have a good features and design that very comfortable to use.

The event was opened by President Director of Microsoft Indonesia, Mr. Andreas Diantoro and Mr Philia Wibowo as the first keynote speech person. He is a partner at McKinsey (Company and Management Consulting). The second keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Indra Utoyo, the Director of Digital Banking & Technology, Bank Rakyat Indonesia.

AdIns as a software vendor multifinance believes that by joining this kind of event, it was the right moment to introduce our mobile application to public and going to be useful for multifinance mobility. Collection system is a kind of AdIns Mobile that helps collector of multifinance collect its customer bills easily by using this mobile device. Surely, AdIns mobile will be your best multifinance solution.

In this event, AdIns participated as the speaker as well with the topic “Why and How to Provide a More Efficient Foundation for Business Operation in The Growing Complexity of Multi-Level Finance Business”. This event took a good concept to live and AdIns cannot wait to look forward to the other events of Microsoft.

Author :

Priska Audiya

Published date :

16 November 2017