AdIns Supports on APPI’s National Seminar 2017

AdIns Supports on APPI’s National Seminar 2017

On Tuesday, December  05, 2017, as a member of the Indonesian Financial Service Association, AdIns took a role to support a national seminar themed “Opportunities for Partnership Financing Company with Banking & Fintech”. Non member of APPI were also joined this seminar. This event was held at The Raffles Hotel, Jakarta and attended by 106 multi finance company all around Indonesia. Started from 8 A.M to 4 P.M, AdIns was excited to follow the series of event.

Our sales staffs ware describing about AdIns and our main product we carry that day, AdIns Mobile. They were pleased to met Account Manager Adins in persons that were very helpfull explaining the different and benefits using our products.

AdIns Logo was shown to the white screen as proof that we are registered as member and sponsor.


Author :

Priska Audiya

Published date :

05 December 2017