ADIPay Software Vendor Multifinance Collaboration with E-Commerce

ADIPay Software Vendor Multifinance Collaboration with E-Commerce

AdIns as enterprise software vendors multifinance have an ongoing cooperation with bukalapak in terms of repayment vehicle represent by our product ADIPay. ADIPay is a payment software that can record a trail of payments and installment payments or calculated details. Through the payment data from the ADIPay all the customers that make a purchase mortgage against existing products can be collected and recorded easily.

This cooperation was agreed upon and officially launched on 29 October 2018, with access through two kinds of payee, i.e. Smart Finance and Suzuki Finance and many other to come. In this collaboration Adipay play a role as a gateaway or bridge that linking the Bills that are on the biller (multifinance) and Bukalapak (channel payment). Through this cooperation, all customer multifinance can conduct repayment of their vehicles through Bukalapak DAB.

Profit will be obtained for the customer through the cooperation of Adipay with Bukalapak, our customer get the ease of paying their installments without having to pay through multifinance counters, as can now be accessed and through the payment process  online through Adipay in the application Bukalapak. Other interesting things that can benefit the customer through this collaboration, customer can get a promo or cashback match program that runs from Bukalapak.

Wow … interesting course once and make it easier for the customer …

Adipay hope through the cooperation that has been running with the system from Adipay, the business agencies helped to reach their customer with an effective and efficient manner. While the expected benefits for the customer transaction services are effective, safe, and easy.


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30 October 2018