Become a Blessing in The Midst of Coronavirus Outbreak

Become a Blessing in The Midst of Coronavirus Outbreak

COVID-19 pandemic cases in Indonesia continue to increase. DKI Jakarta is one of the provinces that shows a significant increase in the number of cases. Therefore, Jakarta is the first province to get permission from the Ministry of Health to start PSBB (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar). PSBB applied during the longest incubation period. And can be extended if there is still evidence of the spread.

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PT Adicipta Innovation Technology, which already has implemented the WFH (Work From Home), decide to extend the time of WFH activities for its employees. During this epidemic, AdIns previously conducted social service activities and was held by the AdIns Board of Department last month. In addition to BOD, AdIns employees called AdIners, also take part in conducting social service activity by providing basic needs that are donated to employees who are still working in the office, like OB, security guards, cleaning services, and drivers.

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The Social Service organized by AdIners has been running since April 3, and have carried and socialized the fundraising to other AdIners. After the funds collected by the committee, the committee will buy the donated materials. These materials include eggs, masks, cooking oil, and other basic ingredients. AdIners’ friends hope that with this social service, OB friends and security guards will always take care of their health during this WFH. The donation was distributed on April 10, 2020, which coincided with the implementation of the PSBB in Jakarta. And, to support the policy, this social service only represented by a few people.

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This activity from AdIners shows that AdIners has a great concern for fellow employees at AdIns. By giving donations to security guards and OBs at AdIns, we all always hope that employees at AdIns will stay healthy and be able to continue their work. Also, we will consistently support government policy, so that the COVID-19 pandemic quickly passes and the situation can return to normal again.

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12 May 2020