Clipan Project Completion Ceremony

Clipan Project Completion Ceremony

On Thursday, February 8th, 2018 – PT Adicipta Inovasi Technology (AdIns) have succesfully finished a project implementation at PT Clipan Finance Indonesia. We are proudly hosting a project completion ceremony at Ninety Nine Restaurant, Pesanggrahan. The event started from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm and around 65 people came to this ceremony.

Mr. Setya Adi as Vice President & Deputy of Finance of PT Adicipta Inovasi Technology was giving a welcoming speech to all guest. He speaks of his gratitude for the opportunity with PT Clipan Finance Indonesia for over 2 years building a seamless core systems  integration in their company.

With her fascinating style, Mrs. Gita Puspa Kirana Darmawan as President Director at PT Clipan Finance Indonesia was also giving a gracious speech to all guest. She was grateful of all hardwork and effort that AdIns teams and Clipan teams have done for this project. In hoping of future engagement she close the speech with big applause for all the team attending the event.

Vice President & Deputy of Finance at PT Adicipta Inovasi Technology handed over an award in a fine placard form. A symbol of being succesfully implemented Confins, Mobile and document management system. Appreciation for all the support and dedication of both companies.

The enthusiasm of both parties reflected while having dinner.

We closed the ceremony with photo session between PT Adicipta Inovasi Technology and PT Clipan Finance Indonesia.

Author :

Felicia Fanny Hendro Kusumo

Published date :

09 February 2018