Cloud Computing – Definition, Importance, Benefits, and Future

Cloud Computing – Definition, Importance, Benefits, and Future

For the past two decades, cloud computing has been beneficial to thousands of its users from around the world. Its capability to integrate data storage (cloud storage) and computer features in a single network has been noted by users each year. This allows cloud computing to provide access to data centers to thousands of users across the internet each day. Not to mention, data that are stored in a cloud computing system are saved in multiple locations around the world (depends on its subscription level) to prevent failure in retrieving these data sets. 

First emerged in the 2000s, cloud computing was first used by government institutions such as NASA and European Commission for private, public, and hybrid services. As the years went on, there was a change from hardware-based services to online-based services for many corporations and non-corporation users around the world. This was seen as a significant step in developing cloud computing as an open service for users across the globe. Because of this development, major technology companies such as Microsoft, Google and IBM began to develop open-source cloud computing services starting from 2010.

Many see the importance of cloud computing is emphasized because of its practicality to use for the users. Instead of relying on localized servers that cannot be accessed at all times beyond their local geographical sites, cloud computing offers the users the access to open the data anytime and anywhere. This is because a cloud service provider provides its services to users from many countries as well, which makes a cloud computing service is prevalent everywhere.

Apart from its availability in many countries, many business companies begin to use cloud computing as well, because they need high-end technology devices to make ends meet. Business companies have to start to consider using advanced technology to gain an edge to compete with their counterparts, and this marks the importance of cloud computing for them. Some things such as efficiency, flexibility, and practicality are things the users usually point out as reasons about the importance of using cloud-computing services to them.

Therefore, what can we know about the benefits of using cloud computing services? We can see them below:

  • Cost

By using cloud computing, corporations will not have to buy expensive hardware devices to support their daily business operations. Despite premium subscription to several cloud-computing services can be quite costly when compared to non-corporate users, it is a better and preferable alternative than resorting to purchasing expensive hardware.

  • Efficiency 

Users can access cloud-computing services anywhere they want to because of the extent of their networks. As long as the users are connected to the internet, they can immediately access the data that they want to use from any of the data centers from the cloud computing service.

  • Reliability 

Some activities such as data backup, business continuity and disaster recovery can be made more accessible because of using cloud-computing services. Because cloud-computing services utilize numerous geographically redundant sites around the world, the users do not have to worry about being unable to access the data banks they want. 

  • Security

Trusted cloud computing services have a broad array of policies, rules, and regulations about the products that they promote to the users. The services’ integrity lies on these regulations, so cloud computing providers will stake a lot on these policies to protect the security of their products as much as they can.

  • Performance

A consistent upgrade to the cloud computing systems will help the systems in adapting to the latest trends and demands of the market. Besides, cloud computing service that is faster and more efficient than its competitors will give a better performance and edge to its users when it comes to the competition between corporations.

  • Speed

A sign of an excellent cloud computing service is a speedy service of giving data access to the users. Since the service is either on-demand or always on standby, users can access the data they want only in a matter of minutes. 

From these benefits, the security aspect is one of the most demanded features of a cloud computing service. The ability to ensure data security on the go without relying too much on hardware devices makes these services accessible for everyone. Cases of security breaches are usually rare from within the users, but the concern to upgrade the security of the systems never ceases. To increase the security level, companies can look at the private cloud and hybrid cloud systems.

In offering security in the services, private cloud and hybrid cloud models stand out as some choices for companies that want to try cloud services. Private cloud service provides a benefit for companies where they can manage their data security personally without having to cede the access to too many people. In this way, companies can understand their capability in using cloud-computing system privately before moving on to public cloud service.

In the same vein, the hybrid cloud offers the best of both private and public cloud features. For example, users can access their data from a private server in an open space. Users who are anal-retentive about their data security can use the hybrid cloud model to access their private data much faster. Moreover, the hybrid cloud model covers the inflexibility of the private model by giving access to the users to recover their data immediately while maintaining high security at the same time.

At last, cloud-computing services are getting more popular as many business corporations are increasingly digitized day by day. Cybersecurity is a topic that everyone has to deal with in the future, and people will have to resort to cloud computing services to secure their data faster and safely. Not to mention, technology shows no stopping in its progress to perfection, and so do cloud computing services in helping its users to secure much sensitive information. Despite concerns still exist about the security of cloud computing services as a whole; many still opt to use this service for the sake of their information security.

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05 November 2020