CONFINS.R2 System Signing Ceremony and Kick Off Meeting

CONFINS.R2 System Signing Ceremony and Kick Off Meeting

On Wednesday, September 13rd, 2017 – a kick off meeting of CONFINS R2 implementation project between PT Adicipta Dinamika Inovasi (AdIns Group) and PT Buana Finance was done. This upgrade from the existing CONFINS R1 prove the reliability of the core systems and its enhancements.

The signing of the project was done by Guntur Gozali as President Director of AdIns and Yannuar Alin as President Director of PT PT Buana Finance.  Other board of directors member of the parties that also was attended are Kastoto, Frans Liwanuru and Joen S Chandra from AdIns,. This signing ceremony and meeting at Buana Finance Office Jakarta was also attended by more than 30 officials from both parties that will be involved in the project.

We are thank you Buana Finance that always trust us to become reliable partner and hoping that the AdIns’ solution will soon become beneficial for Buana Finance as had been done in other partners.

Author :

Priska Audiya

Published date :

13 September 2017