Credit Analysis Survey

Credit Analysis Survey

Credit Analysis Survey – One of the important jobs of a surveyor is to conduct a survey of prospective customers. Where the goal is, to find out whether the prospective customer meets company standards, and has the ability and willingness to make payments for the proposed loan. 

The survey process is usually quite long and requires the accuracy and tenacity of the surveyors themselves. What is expected is to be able to find the right customer and not experience payment problems, such as bad credit for example. What’s worse, if the surveyors often find similar customers, it could end up in his own career and even the company will ask him to stop selling. 

Surveyor Tasks 

As for the things that need to be considered in the credit analysis survey process, a surveyor must do several things, such as collecting survey documents, in the form of photos of the place of business or work, photos of residence, photos of environmental conditions, photos of documents of potential customers, photos of prospective customers, to photos of units financed by customers. 

Next, after the documents are collected, the surveyor will carry out several more steps, including guiding the customer to complete the data by filling out the financing application form issued by the company. The application will be accompanied by a contract form and a receipt which will be signed by the customer. After that, on another forum, the surveyor will report the results of the survey accompanied by a plan of the location where the prospective customer lives. 

Vehicle Checks 

The next check that must be done to complete the credit analysis survey process is a physical check and conduct an assessment of the vehicle. All data will be stated in the appraisal form. 

Completeness and validity of vehicle documents such as STNK and BPKB will also be included and completed with photos of the vehicle from all sides, including a photo of the vehicle’s policy number. 


The credit analysis survey process also includes interviews conducted by surveyors and potential customers. The interview itself is in the form of a personal discussion to get an overview of the prospective customer, along with the possibilities for whether or not the payment will be made, from business turnover, business location conditions, and so on. 

From all the data obtained by the surveyor, an analysis of the object of financing will be carried out by the customer. As a surveyor, he must ensure that the object of financing is indeed used by the customer or does not belong to someone else. 

From the results of interviews, surveyors can also analyze the character of a prospective customer, which will certainly have an influence on credit analysis decisions. 

5C and 5P analysis 

Surveys that can pass this surveyor application include 5C and 5P analysis. This is also what causes whether a prospective customer can get the proposed credit or not. From this analysis, the results will also be obtained whether the customer will experience bad credit or not. And the 5Cs are: 

  • Character (Character) 
  • Capacity (Ability) 
  • Capital (Capital) 
  • Condition (Condition) 
  • Collateral (Guarantee) 

While the 5Ps cover: 

  • Personality or Personality 
  • Purpose or Purpose 
  • Prospector Potential 
  • Payment or payment 
  • Party or Group 

From all the information related to the 5C and 5P, only a conclusion can be drawn and the company agrees to the funding the customer wants. This includes determining the value of the credit given, whether it will be of the same value or lower. And the ideal condition of a prospective customer who has been approved is of course one who has sufficient capital or assets. Likewise, the possibility of the worst, where credit default can be avoided. 

Surveyor application 

The data collection process that will be carried out by this surveyor is usually done manually. Where files will be collected and then stored in a folder. 

But in this digital era, a surveyor can use a mobile application to support his work. So that every survey process that is carried out becomes faster, more efficient, and of course easier. Because every fund can be captured in the application without having to worry about data loss. 

There are several things related to a credit analysis survey conducted by a surveyor at a leasing, credit or similar company that provides credit opportunities to customers. This process should be done with precision so that you can avoid the various possibilities that might occur. 

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01 March 2021