Customer Self Service System for Multifinance

Customer Self Service System for Multifinance

Customer Self Service System for Multifinance – The use of applications to help with daily activities has become a common thing to do. Therefore, to make it easier for your customers to do online activities, you need to make it happen.

One of the things that internet users often do is make loans online. Loans are usually used to meet daily needs, to purchase products that you want to use in the near future.

Now you can use the customer self-service application to make users who want to make loans on your platform, can apply independently. Users only need to use their own devices, especially cellphones and smartphones to apply for loans, see each process transparently, to see information on submissions that have been made.

AdIns Customer Self Service Application

If you need an application with the functions previously mentioned, using an application developed by Ad-Ins can be the right choice. Because in this application there are many features that will make it easier for customers to carry out online loan activities.

There are also excellent features that allow customers to get rewards for their loyalty. As a developer, Ad-Ins frees application managers to create creative and dynamic loyalty programs, thereby increasing user access to the applications and services you offer.

Likewise with the delivery of promotions to attract user interest, even though it is a customer self-service application, a special menu is available for conducting promotions. By using this application, you can convey promotions directly to customers, including product information, company information, and other content.

Advantages of Using the Customer Self Service Application

There are many advantages that users can get, which makes your lending company more attractive to customers. Some of the advantages that you can enjoy and offer to customers are as follows:

  1. Loan Product Management

Users borrow funds usually to meet special needs, both purchasing vehicles, purchasing certain products, to borrowing collateral. If using this application, users can choose loan services according to their needs.

As a manager of this application, you can make settings and policies regarding price tables and services provided. Makes borrowing more targeted and easy to organize. Checking data and borrowing information is also easier to do because all data is well organized.

  1. There is a Lead Management Feature

The use of this customer self-service application not only provides complete features but also provides good monitoring features. This feature will provide monitoring of leads from the company you manage, and find out the status of these leads.

Good data management makes the lead status and information easily accessible, not only by you as the manager of the application, but also for application users. This is of course an added value that you cannot find in applications with a similar concept.

  1. Automatic Mobile Acquisition is available

Customers who want to make loans independently can directly access the application, then apply for a loan. The system contained in the application runs automatically so that borrowing with profiles can be done automatically.

There is also a flattering profile feature that you can use to provide easier access to customers. After borrowers apply for a loan, they can immediately see the automatic installment calculations available there.

  1. Much Easier Access to Information

Users can get easier access to various information, in a fast and easy way. After the customer accesses the customer self-service application, the user will get a detailed schedule regarding the installment payment.

Apart from this information, they can also get a loan history, a letter of agreement that has been agreed between the application manager and the customer, and other statuses. This certainly makes it easier for you as an application manager to access a variety of information if needed.

Those are the various conveniences and benefits that you will get if you use the customer self-service application for online loan needs. Not only will it make it easier for you as a manager, but it will also make it easier for customers to make independent loans.

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22 March 2021