6 Tasks of Data Entry in a Corporation

6 Tasks of Data Entry in a Corporation

At first, data entry sounds as simple as merely entering data to a database. This job exists in almost all kind of offices with different skill standards. Because data entry is categorized as a clerical job, it is administrative in nature when compared to other jobs in an office.  

Then, what makes this job peculiar? Let us see the following explanation.

What Are the Tasks of Data Entry? 

Data entry is commonly a part of the administrator’s job. The administrator is responsible for processing information from data retrieval from forms, voice recordings, or other data sources. After that, the data is inserted into the computer system. Since inserting the data is not enough, the administrator needs to ensure the data storage’s accuracy.  

Specifically, these are six tasks of data entry, as seen below: 

  1. Gathering data and inserting information to the database 

A company can have hundreds, thousands, or millions of data with different formats that depend on their business activities. Gathering information from multiple sources is easy, but inserting them into a database will require additional time. 

  1. Ensuring data accuracy

After accumulating data, a data entry officer will have to assess whether the inserted data is correct or wrong. It is clear at this point that inserting information will not only require typing but also checking the accuracy of the data and its sources. 

  1. Updating the database if necessary 

Stored data has its own age of use. When the data has been stored for some time, it needs a regular update by adding new information. Updating data is also the task of a data entry officer since the officer has to know which data that needs updating or revising. 

  1. Performing routine information backup 

Even though a data is already kept in the system, there is no 100% guarantee of its safety. Unforeseen accidents may affect the database system, such as virus, cyber-attacks, or hardware damage that leads to data loss. Therefore, a data entry officer is responsible for backing up all data to a different media, such as an external hard disk or backup folder in a cloud system. 

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  1. Fast data searching

There are moments when a company requires the reworking of old data sets. A data entry officer must be able to seek the old data as soon as possible so that the users can utilize the old data immediately. 

  1. Sorting data after the data entry process 

Information sources can take form in hard copy or soft copy documents and audio/video recordings. After the data entry officer inserts the data into the system, the next task is to set the location of the data storage. For instance, when the data comes from written documents, those papers have to be stored in a binder. After some time has passed, the archive has to be demolished because the information is no longer up-to-date. 

The Necessary Skills

From the explanations as seen above, we can conclude that the responsibility of a data entry officer is to ensure the accuracy and renewal of the company’s database. By doing so, the company can readily collect the available data when it needs the latest data for unexpected decision-makings. 

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As a result, a person who is in charge of data entry has to master several skills to be able to do the task properly. The necessary skills can be seen below:

  1. Detail-oriented. Inserting data in a massive amount and reviewing them requires extra attention to decrease risks of possible data errors. 
  2. Flexibility, given that a data entry officer has to work fast and precisely while maximizing time and power efficiency.
  3. Technology-savvy. Data entry officers have to be able to adapt to the latest technology innovations such as software sets that can simplify data entry processes. 
  4. Orderly and organized, regarding habits when documenting or archiving data. The more the data is well organized, the easier it will be for users to search for it.
  5. Clear communication with colleagues, superiors, and clients will help the data entry officers in collecting information that matches their needs.

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29 October 2020