Decision Letter: Definition, Functions, Examples, and How to Make It

Decision Letter: Definition, Functions, Examples, and How to Make It

Have you heard about the definition of a decision letter and its writing structure? If you’re still not familiar with this type of letter, fear not! If you are a secretary, AdIns understands that correspondence is not an easy feat because you must be able to recognize the various types of letters that must be issued by companies and their format.

This letter is one type of correspondence that you are responsible for as a secretary. You must issue this letter if the company wants to decide on certain cases. The decision must be made in writing to have a strong legal basis and credible physical evidence.

Each type of letter has a different structure and format, and this letter is also the same. AdIns will describe the ins and outs of a decree, starting from its definition and function to how to make it. Let’s read the explanation!


A decree (or a decision letter) is one type of official letter issued by the authorities to make decisions or give certain instructions in written form. This letter is usually used in organizational or institutional settings, such as companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, or educational institutions.

The Indonesian Law Dictionary also has its definition of a decree, which is a written stipulation based on applicable laws and regulations issued by the government, agency, or state official.

The requirements for the letter are that it must be concrete, individualized, and finalized. This means that the decisions taken can be delivered in the form of a letter, are not intended for the general public, and are incorrigible.

There are several purposes for making the letter, such as granting permission, appointing an employee to a position, granting a promotion, imposing sanctions, or making other decisions needed within the institution.

As proof of its validity, the letter must be signed by an authorized party and issued with the official stamp of the organization or institution.

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There are several reasons behind issuing a letter. Same thing as this letter, where this letter is issued because it has several important functions for a company.

1. To Issue Certain Instructions or Decisions

This is the main function of a decision letter, namely to make decisions or provide certain instructions needed in a corporate environment. Examples of decisions in this letter are granting permits, appointing officials, hiring employees, and imposing sanctions. Everything must be explained in the letter as a means of communication from the institution to the intended employee.

2. To Deliver Official Information

This letter is also useful as a means of official communication within the company. Even though it is non-verbal in nature, a decision letter is considered an official document that can be accounted for if it is signed with an official stamp and signed by an authorized party.

3. To Maintain Work Synchronicity

Some company activities should be carried out following company policies. That is the importance of making a decision letter in the company. This letter keeps every activity carried out within the company running to achieve the expected goals.

4. To Communicate with External Parties

The company’s internal work structure is not the only party involved in this letter. External parties such as clients, vendors, and stakeholders also need to know the decisions that have just been implemented within the company. This letter is then issued so that external parties related to the company are aware of the policies that are currently in effect.

5. To Be Used as Legal Proof

At a glance, we have explained that this letter can be used as official proof in making decisions. The letter must also be declared valid according to the law so that it can be used as written evidence if there is a lawsuit from one of the involved parties.

6. To Maintain the Letter Receiver’s Privacy

One of the characteristics of this letter is that it is individual. This means that the letter is only addressed to one person and cannot be made public. The recipient of the decision letter can be at ease because their privacy is maintained after receiving the letter.

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Structure of the Letter

decision letter, Decision Letter: Definition, Functions, Examples, and How to Make It, Advance Innovations

In contrast to other types of correspondence in general, a decision letter has a structure distinct from other correspondence letters. Three parts of the letter structure must be included in this letter, such as:

1. Considerans (Preamble)

This section contains the considerations for making a decision letter. These considerations include proposals, laws, suggestions, and regulations. They can also come from decisions that have been made before and are related to the subject of the letter. This section contains several specific words such as “considering”, “remembering”, “reading”, “listening”, “and paying attention”.

2. Desideratum

This section contains the purpose of making a decision according to the subject matter to be stipulated in the letter.

3. Dictum

In this section, you make conclusions from preambles and desideratum in one or more clauses. Usually, the dictum begins with the word “decide” or “determine”.

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Examples of the Letter in a Company

To make it easier for you to understand the three structures of a decision letter above, see examples of the letter that are often issued in companies below.

1. Work Sanction Letter



NO: SK.020-678/SK-PS/2022


Report from Laura Mayla dated October 9, 2022, regarding misconduct by Ms. Magdalena Soares NIP 04690508 on 7 October 2022 at 15.45;

Examination results on October 10, 2022;


a. That according to the results of the examination, Ms. Magdalena Soares has committed acts of harassment against colleagues with disabilities;

b. Whereas the said act is a violation of the provisions of Article 30 point 2 of Company Regulation Number 1;

c. That in order to uphold discipline, it is necessary to impose a disciplinary punishment commensurate with the disciplinary violation she has committed;

d. Whereas based on the considerations referred to in letters a, b, and c, it is necessary to stipulate a decision regarding the imposition of disciplinary punishment in the form of a 2-week suspension;


Company Regulation No. 1 concerning Employee Discipline HAS DECIDED



FIRST: Give disciplinary punishment in the form of a 2-week suspension, to:

Name: Magdalena Soares

NIK: 04690508

Position: Sales Staff

Division: Sales

The party concerned on October 9, 2022, has committed an act that violates the provisions of Article 30 number 2 of Company Regulation Number 1.

SECOND: This decree shall come into force from the date of its stipulation.

THIRD: This decision is conveyed to the person concerned to be heeded and implemented accordingly.

Set in Jakarta

On November 11, 2022

HR Manager

Kayra Akpinar


Director of Aman Sejahtera Inc.

Head of Sales Division

2. Employee Appointment Letter

Maju Bersama Inc.

70 Brigjend Katamso St., Medan

Phone. …


No. …/SK/…-HRD/1/..

Subject: Appointment of Permanent Employees

After going through several stages of evaluating the performance of Mr./Mrs. ___, starting September 20, 2020, Jaya Properti Inc. has determined that Mr./Mrs. ___ have met the criteria to be appointed as a permanent employee, with the following conditions:

Considering: Based on an objective assessment and observation of Mr./Mrs. ___

Remembering: Based on Company Regulations and Articles of the Association

Noticing: The Need On Human Resources at Jaya Properti Inc.


  1. Appointed Mr./Mrs. ___ as a permanent employee with the position of Sales Marketing
  2. You are given register number ___ group___.
  3. Receive a salary in accordance with the applicable conditions.
  4. Other things related to obligations and rights to follow the set rules.
  5. This decree is valid since ___

Bandung, ___

HRD Manager of Maju Bersama Inc.

3. Work Promotion Letter

Indo Thai Sejahtera Inc.

65 Mulana Jaya Abadi St., Sumedang


No: ___

to Mrs.


in place

Subject: Promotion

Based on our observations of your performance and achievements from the work entry date to the current date, Indo Thai Sejahtera Inc. has made a decision based on the applicable rules and regulations. We have decided to promote you from an administrative staff position to an administrative manager.

The following is further information regarding your promotion:

Name : ___

Employee ID Number : ___

Work Entry Date : ___

Department : ___

Salary : ____

Other rights and obligations that you will fulfill shall then be stated in the company regulations. Therefore, it is expected that you be responsible for carrying out your duties and obeying all the rules.

This Decision Letter for Promotion of Position is valid from the date of issue. If there is an error, this letter will be edited accordingly at a later date.

Sumedang, ___

Director of Indo Thai Sejahtera Inc.

The validity of a decision letter lies in its signature and seal attached on the lower side of the letter. Now, you don’t have to print these letters anymore just to get them signed. Just use the digital signature application from AdIns to sign the letter anywhere and anytime straight on your computer.

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decision letter, Decision Letter: Definition, Functions, Examples, and How to Make It, Advance Innovations

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