Definition of a Document and the Importance of Digitization Revolution

Definition of a Document and the Importance of Digitization Revolution

The definition of a document according to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI) is a written or printed letter that can be used as proof of statement. You can always find documents in your daily life. Examples of a document are a marriage certificate, agreement letter, birth certificate, and other kinds of important documents.

Currently, you can regularly find documents in their paper forms. As such, paper documents are still utilized regularly in the current times. However, considering the continuously progressing state of technology development, more industries are aware that paperless environment should be encouraged more. Apart from its conciseness and speed, digital documents can be a real step in decreasing the usage of physical papers that requires many kinds of wood. Of course, this can be seen as a form of nature preservation spirit. Let us discuss further the definition of a document and the increasingly common digitization program.

Definition of a Document

Currently, there is more than one definition of a document in KBBI. Another definition of a document in KBBI is a printed material or a script that can be sent through postal services.

If you already read the previous statement, there is a statement that a document should be printed with a paper. In fact, documents can also take the form in images, sound recordings, and similar formats. Of course, these documents are purposed as proofs of statement. Because of that, you should no longer have misconceptions about the state of documents that should only be printed with papers.

Every industry possesses documents that they use for their business interests. As more businesses are moving on to digital media, traditional documents are impacted as well. The good thing is the impacts are relatively positive. Documents are currently digitalized without having to rely on their paper or physical forms. Even more, many people opined that the use of physical documents should be abandoned immediately. Of course, this is the answer to industrial technology development and the ease of human activities.

The Importance of Document Digitization

Digital documents can be more regularly encountered. Perhaps, you have utilized one of such documents yourself. An example is sending letters through e-mail. Another example is sending invoices of certain services in the form of .pdf through e-mail.

In the current times, the number of businesses that utilize physical documents has been significantly decreased, especially for the customers. For example, bills for credit cards and cable TVs are now sent through e-mails instead of through postal services. The same thing can be said for registration programs as well. You do not have to send paper forms with your handwriting anymore, as you can just use electronic forms that are easily accessible.

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Data collection can be easier as well because documents are immediately stored in the system. The result? The workflow is now simpler and faster. This is the reason why industries are adapting to the document digitization method so much. Each day, businesses are flocking to digitize their documents because they want to feel the positive impact of the digitization method.

There are other reasons regarding the importance of document digitization, such as:

  • Information in documents can be easily stored
  • Relatively simple and fast operation
  • Higher accuracy and exactness

With all the superior qualities of document digitization in supporting the paperless environment, you should utilize the correct and effective system in increasing your business process’ efficiency. Rather than spending too much time looking for documents, you should use DMS (Document Management System) application from AdIns right now.

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03 April 2021