Definition of Data Warehouse, Characteristics, and Examples

Definition of Data Warehouse, Characteristics, and Examples

Many company owners start looking for information about the definition of a data warehouse. From the name alone, of course, the data warehouse is related to data storage. Therefore, data warehouse are starting to be sought after by large companies and are one of the most important data management systems for them.

If you are looking for a reliable data management system and can also support future company development, then you need to understand first what a data warehouse is and what its characteristics are.

Definition of Data Warehouse

Data warehouse is a large-scale and structured system used as a place for data processing and analysis. The data and information collected from databases operational, external, and other usually have the same advantages. You can store data information in the form of a data warehouse electronic or on a computer or in the cloud internet.

One of the data warehouses that is often used by several companies and organizations is BigQuery. Have you heard of it? BigQuery is a data warehouse owned by Google. All data and information that you have will be entered into the Google Cloud Platform, and the data warehouse has features that can analyze your data in real-time with a NoOPs system or without an operator.

Characteristics of a Data Warehouse

After you understand what a data warehouse is, let’s find out more about the characteristics of a data warehouse. The following features:

  • Oriented in main subjects with support of the movement of a company such as customer, product, and other.
  • A data warehouse can be integrated to store data from sources separated into a format without a lack of consistency in it.
  • All data in the data warehouse has a time span so that it can be used as a comparison in the data analysis process.
  • The database in the data warehouse will be refreshed regularly, so it will continue to increase and then be put together with data that already exists.

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Some Functions of Data Warehouse for Companies

The data warehouse is a data management system that is very important for companies and organizations. So, if you currently have a plan using a data warehouse to support operational activities within the company, you can consider the following functions for help. The function of data warehouse for companies are as follows:

1. Generate High ROI

ROI or Return on Investment is the resulting ratio between net income and investment costs of a company. The higher the ROI of a company, the higher the profit generated from the investment. Therefore, the reason data warehouses can generate high ROI is that they can collect data and supporting information from BI systems so that they can obtain more revenue for your company.

2. History feature

As you already know, the data warehouse will refresh periodically, so they have historical data that you can use to make comparisons. You can analyze various data and information from different periods and trends to predict what steps and decisions to take in the future.

3. Ease of Accessing Data

The more and easier it is for your company to access data, this indicates that your company is one step ahead of its competitors. This because you do not need to waste time collecting data and information from various sources.

All data and information have been collected in the data warehouse automatically. And, of course, this can be beneficial for your company in terms of quick but accurate decision-making.

Utilize Data Warehouse to Improve Your Business

So, that’s the definition of a data warehouse that is important for you to know. If you want to know more about a data warehouse before implementing it in your business, please contact AdIns, and we will answer everything you need to improve your business.

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19 July 2021