Definition of Electronic Stamp Duty and How to Use It

Definition of Electronic Stamp Duty and How to Use It

There is good news for those of you who are used to taking care of official documents in electronic form. The electronic stamp duty in the form of e-Meterai by the Indonesian government is present for the purpose of ratifying the document. This good news is a breath of fresh air because the making of official documents becomes more practical and can be completed quickly. However, do you yourself already know the definition of electronic stamp duty?

e-Meterai has actually been released since 2021, but there are still many Indonesians who don’t know about this seal. Did you know this news? Don’t worry if you still don’t know about it, because AdIns will explain thoroughly about the definition electronic stamp duty through this article especially for you.

What is the Electronic Stamp Duty (e-Meterai)?

Electronic stamp duty, also known as e-Meterai in Indonesia, is a type of seal used for electronic document purposes. The financial value stated in this stamp is Rp. 10,000 and has been ratified since January 1, 2021. This electronic document has also become legal evidence of transactions and is recognized in the Internet and Electronic Technology Law (UU ITE) No. 11 of 2008 Article 5 paragraph 1.

The meaning of the seal itself has been updated in Law no. 10 of 2020 concerning Stamp Duty. Now, the seal is defined as a piece of paper in the form of sticky paper, electronics, and so on. Just like physical seals, e-Meterai also has physical characteristics and security elements in it. e-Meterai is issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia for tax payments on the issuance of electronic official documents.

The position of electronic documents is the same as physical documents because the regulations have been regulated in the ITE Law. Therefore, the government wants to establish equal treatment for the two documents.

The solution is the creation and development of e-Meterai. You no longer need to print documents because you can just attach the physical seal and scan the document for an electronic version. The process of making official documents electronically is now more practical thanks to the e-Meterai.

It can be said that e-Meterai is proof that the Indonesian government has answered one of the most important challenges of modern times, namely the convenience of daily life.

What are the Characteristics of Electronic Stamp Duty?

It is not impossible that e-Meterai will be counterfeited by parties who want to commit crimes. Therefore, you need to recognize the characteristics of an electronic stamp duty issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. This characteristic indicates the authenticity of the e-Meterai which is legal to use.

What are the characteristics of a valid electronic stamp duty?

  1. There is a unique code in the form of a serial number generated by the Electronic Stamp System.
  2. There is a state symbol of Garuda Pancasila.
  3. There is an ELECTRONIC STAMP DUTY written on the seal.
  4. There are writings and numbers indicating the stamp duty rate, namely 10000 and TEN THOUSAND RUPIAH.

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What are the Documents that Rely on Electronic Stamp Duty?

Electronic Stamp Duty, Definition of Electronic Stamp Duty and How to Use It, Advance Innovations

All documents or deeds relating to the law must require an electronic stamp duty. The types of documents that are usually affixed with e-Stamp are documents for evidence in court and documents with contents in the form of events or events of a civil nature.

What kind of civil documents require a stamp? Here are some examples:

  1. Letter of agreement, statement letter, or other similar letter and its copy;
  2. Notary deed accompanied by grosse (the first copy of an authentic deed), a copy, and a quote;
  3. Deed from the Land Deed Making Officer accompanied by a copy and quotation;
  4. Securities in any form and name;
  5. Securities transaction documents and futures contract transaction documents under any name;
  6. Auction document containing: auction quote, minutes of auction, as well as a copy and its grosse.
  7. Other documents that include a nominal amount of money above IDR 5,000,000 and contain a statement that part or all of the debt has been paid or calculated.

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How to Use an Electronic stamp duty

It is certain that Indonesian citizens are enthusiastic about the presence of this e-Meterai. The question is, how do we buy e-Meterai and use it in electronic documents? Check out the procedure below until the explanation is complete.

Purchase steps:

  1. Buy an electronic stamp duty on the official website (
  2. Create an account first by clicking ‘Register’, then select the type of account you want to create. There are three types of accounts, such as:
  • Personal: for the benefit of individuals.
  • Enterprise: for internal companies.
  • Wholesale: for distributors,
  1. Fill in the complete data in the available columns according to the actual information. Then, verify the account.
  2. After the account is successfully created, make a stamp purchase. Click “Buy e-Meterai” on the homepage, then complete the payment.

Steps to Use e-Stamp in Electronic Documents:

  1. Log back in to the e-Meterai website, then select the “Attaching” menu.
  2. Enter the detailed information of the document to be uploaded. The details include the date, document number, and document type.
  3. Upload documents in PDF format. Wait until the document appears on the monitor screen.
  4. Place the seal according to the provisions on the electronic document.
  5. Click ‘Apply the Seal’, then click ‘Yes’.
  6. Fill in the PIN that has been registered as verification.
  7. The affixing of the document has been completed and you can directly download the document.

The stamp affixing process can only be done on the official e-Meterai website or other official distributors. You can visit the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page to get more information about the stamp purchase process.

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How to Designate Our Signature in an Electronic stamp duty

Electronic Stamp Duty, Definition of Electronic Stamp Duty and How to Use It, Advance Innovations

The stamp that has been affixed certainly needs to be signed as well. The question is, do we have to print and scan the document again just for the signing process?

The answer is “no need”. Currently, electronic documents can be digitally signed with the AdIns Digital Signature software. This software can minimize errors or human errors in signing documents. Digital signatures become easier and neater even if you are working remotely or not in the office.

The features in AdIns Digital Signature are also easy to use by anyone. This software can be a means of confirming the veracity of the person who signed the official document.

After knowing the definition of electronic stamp duty, not only electronic documents can be affixed with electronic stamps, but ordinary documents can also be signed with this software. Don’t wait any further, as you will require this digital signature to make your life way easier. Contact AdIns for more information and get the demo version so you can experience the features first before buying it later!

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27 February 2023