Definition of Helpdesk, Types, Benefits, and Differences from Customer Service

Definition of Helpdesk, Types, Benefits, and Differences from Customer Service

In the business world, the helpdesk is an operational element that provides assistance to customers when they have questions about a company’s products. It’s not surprising that the role of the helpdesk is often considered similar to customer service.

However, there are subtle differences between these two roles. So, where exactly is the difference between the helpdesk and customer service?

Considering the implementation of a helpdesk in your business is a worthwhile step, especially if you want to have a central channel accessible to customers to convey their complaints, questions, as well as criticisms and suggestions.

If you want to understand the differences between the helpdesk and customer service, or if you plan to integrate a helpdesk into your IT team, please read on in this article!

What Is a Helpdesk

Helpdesk is one of the operational components of a business that falls under business support, with a primary focus on answering questions and providing technical guidance to customers regarding products through digital platforms. Typically, businesses with a helpdesk team are those that sell products such as hardware and software, where the use of these products requires specific guidance. Helpdesk is there to assist customers with technical issues, installations, access, or any constraints related to the product.

Not limited to businesses with such products, there are also companies selling items like clothing and food that utilize the helpdesk as an additional service to their customers.

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Differences between Helpdesk and Customer Service

From the explanation above, it appears that the roles of the helpdesk and customer service are similar, right? So, what is the fundamental difference between these two roles, both of which aim to assist customers in resolving issues?

The main difference between customer service and helpdesk lies in the additional tasks they perform. The responsibility of the helpdesk is to handle customer issues by providing detailed information or answers until the problem is resolved. As mentioned earlier, the primary task of the helpdesk is to assist customers facing technical issues related to a product or service.

On the other hand, customer service usually handles customer issues by redirecting them to the appropriate team or division through the creation of incident tickets, and then provides feedback to customers after the problem has been resolved. Additionally, customer service often takes responsibility for follow-ups with customers.

Despite these differences, both customer service and the helpdesk are crucial roles because both interact directly with customers. Therefore, those in these roles should have a strong product knowledge, as well as good problem-solving and communication skills.

Types of Helpdesk in Business

In addition to these differences, helpdesks can be categorized into two types based on the clients they serve. If you plan to have a helpdesk in your business, it’s essential to understand the difference between these two types.

In many cases, there are two main types of helpdesks:

1. External Helpdesk

External helpdesk teams are responsible for serving customers outside the company who are not direct stakeholders of the company. These customers are those who use your business’s products or services.

2. Internal Helpdesk

As the name suggests, internal helpdesks serve employees and stakeholders within the company. Even in an internal company environment, helpdesks may be required when there are issues related to the use of digital applications or services within the company’s operations.

Thus, whether you serve external or internal customers, the helpdesk remains an essential component in your business operations. The presence of the helpdesk allows the business to run smoothly because there is a resource available to provide assistance when technical issues arise.

In addition to this benefit, there are additional considerations that make the helpdesk a valuable asset for your business.

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Benefits of Having a Helpdesk

The presence of the helpdesk is not only for technical issues but can also provide assistance whenever it is needed by customers or employees. Some other benefits of having a helpdesk in your business include:

1. Additional Service for Customers

The helpdesk can be seen as an extra customer service that can enhance customer satisfaction. It acts as an after-sales service that provides additional help when customers face issues. An efficient and responsive helpdesk can make customers happier to use your products, which, in turn, can benefit your business’s growth.

2. Product or Service Quality Evaluation

Customer complaints and questions received through the helpdesk provide valuable feedback for improving the quality of your products or services. This can help your business become better, more productive, and reduce the chances of customers leaving unsatisfied reviews or ratings.

3. As a General Information Source

The helpdesk is an efficient way to disseminate accurate information without requiring significant effort. Through the helpdesk, all answers related to questions, complaints, product suggestions, and criticisms can be managed in a structured manner. It also helps reduce misinformation issues.

While there may be an initial investment required for recruiting staff, helpdesk software, and related hardware, the benefits gained are far more substantial, such as increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and a well-structured approach to addressing issues.

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