Definition of Server Computers, Types, and Specifications

Definition of Server Computers, Types, and Specifications

Some of you may still not understand the meaning of a computer server. A computer is necessary for supporting operational activities, especially in a company. Moreover, coupled with the internet, we can gather a lot of information in an instant that the company needed.

Then, what is the relation between computers and the internet with computer servers? How important is the computer server in supporting business activities in the company? In this article, we provide some of the information you need regarding the definition of a computer server, its types, to the ideal specifications to support the operational activities of a company or organization.

Definition of Computers Server

A computer has many networks in it that are connected to various clients, and it needs a server that can handle data traffic on this network. Therefore, a computer server is a system in a computer that is useful for managing traffic so that a device is able to share and carry out their respective tasks functionally.

Types of Computers Server

Computers Server have several types depending on the needs of users in a company or organization. The following types of computers server are frequently used, namely:

1. Web Server

You can use a webserver to run applications in browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and others. The Computer server can help you display the web page you want to target in an integrated manner.

2. Application Server

To store data and information, several companies use application servers that can assist them in developing applications and also serving users.

3. FTP Server

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a computer server that use to manage data or information transfer traffic. You can use the FTP server online so that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and by anyone.

4. Mail Server

Every computer in the company must have a mail server that serves to receive and send emails. The workings of this mail server use software that is connected to the servers IMAP and POP3 email. Next, the software will download the message you received, and if you want to send a reply message, the server SMTP will be in charge of sending the email.

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Specifications of the Computer Server Required

The work of a computer server does look simple. However, the device used as a server must be stable because the computer server will be accessed by many users, even at the same time. Therefore, you must have a computer server with good specifications so that the traffic on it can run without a hitch and not overloaded with heavy data traffic. Here are some specifications of the computer server needed:

  • RAM: The RAM capacity required will depend on the type of computer server that will be used. If you need a computer server only as a data management system, then the minimum RAM capacity required is 2GB. You can upgrade the RAM according to your needs up to 8GB capacity.
  • Processor: Two types of processors that are frequently used for computers, namely Intel and AMD. Each has advantages and disadvantages you can compare and discuss with the IT team according to your company needs.
  • Storage: The thing that is no less important to consider in a computer server is a storage device. You need to consider the device used and also its capacity. These considerations, of course, depend on your company needs.

Fulfill Your Business Needs with computers Server

So, which type of computer server do you need right now? If you still don’t understand the meaning of a computer server, AdIns is ready to answer all your questions and needs. Please contact AdIns and get ready to grow your business with our best IT solutions!

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29 July 2021