Difference between Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting From Multiple Factors

Difference between Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting From Multiple Factors

The difference between cloud hosting and web hosting is rather interesting to know about. Especially for you who want to build your own business website. In fact, these two hosting technologies come from a similar definition.

Hosting refers to a technology used to store data on a website. The data consists of documents, images, videos, programs, and databases. If the public wants to access your business’ website easily, it is impossible to not using hosting.

However, what is the difference between cloud hosting and web hosting? Despite their similar appearances, there are noticeable differences between them if you see them from multiple factors. You can find the complete information through this article below.

Difference between Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting

Before discussing the differences between them further from multiple factors, you should first know the definitions of cloud hosting and web hosting.

Web hosting appeared earlier and is still in use now. There are several types of web hosting that we can use, such as:

  • Shared web hosting
  • Dedicated web hosting
  • VPS web hosting
  • Managed web hosting

Web hosting storage room takes a physical form, so it requires a sizable space considering the size of the web hosting’s own device.

On the other hand, cloud hosting can store your website’s data in the cloud. It means that when web hosting requires a physical storage room, cloud hosting does not require it. All of your website’s data can be stored on the internet.

For the differences between both, there are several influencing factors. What are those factors?

Performance Factor

Performance that web hosting can give can be used by several users. However, this can result in the limited capacity of the storage room and bandwidth. That is why a website can take a long time to be loaded perfectly.

Cloud hosting itself does not have a physical storage room. You can still use this service with other users. However, when a problem takes place with an example being the long loading time, your server cloud will be moved by the system. This problem can be minimized so that your website’s performance can be more optimized.

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Data Control Factor

Data control in web hosting complies you to share place with other users so that there will be no full control over the server. For example, if a user in a server wants a better performance, your website should slow down to increase the performance results.

However, cloud hosting does not work that way. Instead, you have full control over the cloud server. If other users want better performance, your website’s data will be moved into other servers with bigger bandwidth so that they can still access the website.

Cost Factor

The cost factor is rather peculiar within the differences between these two types of hosting. Web hosting can become more expensive if you decide to rent/but the dedicated type. All of this is done so that you have full control over the server.

For cloud hosting’s own cost factor, you should only spend expenses based on the services that you will get. The payment of cloud hosting is the same way as electric bills, which means you only have to pay what you used in that service.

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Cloud Hosting is better

In the end, from all differences between cloud hosting and web hosting, it is obvious that the best choice is cloud hosting. All differences that we have shown above illustrate cloud hosting as a newer, stronger, and more affordable technology.

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14 October 2021