Digital and Technology Innovations in Their Application in Multifinance Companies

Digital and Technology Innovations in Their Application in Multifinance Companies

The ongoing wave of digital transformation has created significant impacts on companies from different industries, with the multifinance industry being one of them that undergoes big changes to increase its customer base’s satisfaction level and operational efficiency. Multifinance companies are essential for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that rely on fund leasing activities to finance their operations. Digital and technology innovations in multifinance companies can assist the simplification of all job description processes in this industry. Can you think of what the innovations are?

These are the Examples of Digital and Technology Innovations and Their Application in Multifinance Companies

To be more precise, data-based technology is essential in creating better decision-making processes. Moreover, the lack of technology development can be remedied with automation that can assist the development of multifinance companies. Here are the examples of helpful innovations for the industry:


This innovation can increase the amount of the work process and decrease the required power for extra tasks.

Data Visualisation

This innovation is helpful in providing real-time information for a better decision-making process.

Advanced analysis for financial operations

This innovation comes in handy to provide better data for better decision-making processes for the overall business, while revealing beneficial potentials in an organization.

Easier Communication

Clear and direct communication is highly necessary, as miscommunications can inflict losses for everyone, either between the staff or a company and its customer base. A solution for a communication problem makes it possible for the staff to communicate with each other or for the customers to contact the company to receive important information that they need.

Technology innovation can provide a hefty amount of benefits for an organization, including the increase of productivity and better customer experience. Innovation in the automation field can also decrease the necessary amount of time for manual tasks. Freeing the employees from these menial tasks can direct them to perform more valuable activities for the organization or the company.

Along with the development within the multifinance industry, there will be a continuous requirement for a steady base to support the technology development of the industry. Although new technology can provide endless potentials, all of them will be for naught without the presence of proper infrastructure to realize those potentials.

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Examples of Digital and Technology Innovations and Their Application in Multifinance Companies

AdIns is currently present with a software application that can help customers or multifinance clients in the event of the credit application process. You can do the application process from your home by using your smartphone. AdIns can help financial companies to increase their customers’ loyalty and to profit off the millennials’ market.

Servin as an interactive customer solution is a form of digital and technology innovation that is ready to facilitate the multifinance clients’ needs. Here are some notable features of this solution:

  • Customer Self-service
  • Ability to make your own loyalty program
  • Information regarding promotions and campaigns that you can get immediately
  • Product management

Servin from AdIns is an application that can assist you in increasing the involvement level between the customers and the company. The interesting features that you can see above can help to build relations and increasing the customers’ loyalty. With Servin, it is now easier for you to attract the millennials’ interest and other new customers. Developing your multifinance business has never been easier. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Get more information regarding Mobile customer – Servin by visiting our website right now!

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03 May 2021