Why Should We Digitalize Documents?

Why Should We Digitalize Documents?

Piles of papers and invoices of all kinds that fill the binder can spend so many cupboards just to store them in an archive room. Not to mention, the company will have to spend additional time to look for older archives and destroy outdated files.  

Does this problem sound familiar to you?

If yes, then it is time for your company to try document digitalization. The excellent progress of technology in recent years has made it possible for people to digitalize everything, including digital archiving. When the business is running significantly, the use of paper media can hamper your business progression. 

For example, printing invoice with a printer will spend some time. You need to put that invoice into an envelope, make an envelope label, and attach that label. For most of the time, customers will only require that invoice, and that the envelope will end up in a trashcan anyway. 

Now imagine the contrary. The accounting system is currently running and is already integrated into the digital archiving. You can send the invoice to the customer through e-mail, while a copy of that invoice will be stored automatically in the system. When you need a copy of that invoice to make a tax invoice, you only have to search that file without having to open the archive cupboard. 

Easy, quick, and practical. Who would not want an effective work method such as this one?

The Importance of Document Digitalization

The modern digital document management system has become a staple for companies that uphold work efficiency and effectivity. At least there are seven reasons why you should utilize document digitalization and management system in your company.

  1. Saving time

You do not have to open the archive cupboard just for one file search. Integrated archiving system access is more than enough where you search the file by some keywords before receiving that file in minutes.  

  1. Guaranteed data security

It is the responsibility of a company’s IT team to install a structured network security system. You can control anyone who wishes to access the data with approval. Although all of the documents are already stored in a central document server, each department of a company only has limited access based on the interest of their job descriptions.

  1. Simplifying document quality control

Do you have an unsatisfying work? It is possible for that work to have so many revisions. However, one of the weaknesses in using paper to print files is that the papers can spend time and money needlessly. By doing digitalization, document change control can be done easily while being environmentally friendly because it requires a minimal amount of paper. 

  1. Increasing a collaboration’s effectivity

File storage in a system can make collaboration between departments easier. You do not have to send paper files with important information to other colleagues. You just have to share the link of that file from the archive. Sounds more effective, is not it? 

  1. Easing document processing

Forget conventional scanner machines. Now you can use digital archiving applications with features such as OCR to read texts from a paper document. The capture and data extraction process are now smoother since it is integrated with the document management system as well.  

  1. Relying on meta data in the search process

Another reason why you should digitalize your documents is that that digital document can now use meta data. This method will make it easier for you when you are searching for a specific file without having to open the folders one by one. 

  1. Integrated with other systems

Currently, the digital archiving system can be integrated with other systems, such as CRM, ERP, email, and web. You can easily send or distribute files with this digital system. Moreover, the system makes it possible for you to perform archive recovery in a short amount of time because all of the data are already encrypted. 

Reasons that we have stated above strengthen the statement that document digitalization system is the key to an effective and efficient business process. Let LiteDMS from AdIns be your go-to service to sort and integrate documents simultaneously in your company’s system.  

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22 October 2020