The Impact of 5G Technology to Mobile Customer Behavior

The Impact of 5G Technology to Mobile Customer Behavior

In this era, technology has grown quickly, especially in telco. In Indonesia, telecommunication technology has been started from 1980s, where we use analog phone. This analog phone has been used by phone merchant all over Indonesia as a small business.

Then, hand phone is invented in 1990s to give opportunity for people to communicate through digital voice, text message, and e-mail. We used to use computer to open our email. We also use computer because it is easy to use and we can carry it everywhere.

In the 2000s, hand phone with wireless technology replaces computer to access information, such as open your email. In Indonesia, there are so many hand phone with wireless technology being used to help their day-to-day activity.

Then, in the 2010s, with newer technology, people use mobile apps. Those application can be used to pay online. Then, 5G connection is coming to help you increase your work performance, internet speed, and cost efficiency. 

In the AdIns Executive Business Gathering 2019 by Adicipta Inovasi Technology (Adins), the Head of Mobile Business AdIns, Rolensa Mandeno, is invited as speaker. He becomes one of the speakers to speak about Expecting 5G Technology on Mobile Customer Behavior in JW Marriot Hotel, Jakarta, at November 14, 2019.

Rolensa Mandeno discuss about the importance of 5G in our life, “this is the era where mobile becomes important. We need to prepare for the new era, the 5G era, the mobile application era that will coming to us.”

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5G Benefits

Rolensa Mandeno explains that 5G has two benefits. The first benefit is the internet speed will be increased. With faster internet speed, we can access information faster.

The second benefit is the latency level. Latency level is the time needed to send and receive data. It is very useful that we can get information in the internet faster than old 4G technology.

The effect to smartphone users

5G technology will increase the internet use. Then, there are virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) that needs fast internet connection and low latency. 5G technology will also help us to get better experience in the internet, such as using internet of things (ioT) technology.

There are so many individuals, companies, and industry that need to use proper internet of things. With this 5G technology, we will get better internet experience.

How to implement 5G technology in Indonesia?

Currently Indonesia cannot implement 5G technology. It is due to lack of infrastructure. However, Indonesia government try their best to solve this. Government needs to build better infrastructure to support 5G implementation in Indonesia. 

The effect of 5G technology in the industry

All filed data is taken as picture and send it to the HQ. To get the data real-time, 5G technology is very crucial. With faster internet, all data will be synchronized faster and accurate.

Then, the 5G technology will help with customer interaction, to get better and faster online interaction. Rolensa Mandeno gives example when we use virtual reality. With 5G technology, it will be smoother for both side.

The 5G technology in Indonesia will not only give benefits to individuals, but also industry and government. With 5G technology, Rolenso Mandeno believes it can change human behavior and we need to prepare for it with mobile customer.

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10 January 2020