Managing a certain information network requires a specified role and function to ensure its safety and efficiency. For that reason, network-monitoring software is available for users to perform this monitoring task. At its core description, network-monitoring software is specialized software for monitoring and managing networking components such as routers, traffic flow, servers, and many others. Company networks usually use network-monitoring software to manage and monitor their sizable sizes, since these networks are vital for their respective companies’ operations. Because of that, companies will always seek the most effective and trusted network-monitoring software. 

In monitoring the servers, IT infrastructures such as servers, storage and others are tantamount for the overall network infrastructure. Because people use these networks every day, the network-monitoring software needs to be equally proactive to ensure efficiency and convenience. A reliable network-monitoring software can detect and monitor certain elements that may jeopardize the network’s performance at any time. In this case, connection failures and traffic flow problems are some of the most commonly discovered problems regarding network-monitoring software’s main role. As such, it is important for IT infrastructures (including network infrastructure) in a company to use this particular software for their convenience. 

To understand more about this software, we can look at certain features within a network-monitoring software. The examples are such as: 

  • Monitoring vital network components 

Ensuring a maximum performance from all components within a network is a tantamount task for all IT technicians and their respective companies. When an important component turns faulty in the middle of an important task, the entire task can be hampered significantly. To ensure that this risk shall never take place, early detection feature from the network-monitoring software is important to help you in preventing that risk. To monitor these components, you need to identify which components that require constant monitoring such as Wi-Fi and similar devices. By identifying these devices, you can prioritize things better in maintaining your company’s network. 

  • Maintaining network traffic 

Network traffic will provide you with a lot of essential information regarding the actual state of the network. Less-than-ideal situations such as overcrowded or unusual traffic activities will severely deter a company’s day-to-day activities. These traffic disturbances will provide you with an image regarding an ongoing problem within said network. Upon receiving the initial image pertaining to the disturbance, you can identify if said problem comes from an internal or external cause. Traffic-heavy applications or network-slowing applications are some of the most common causes behind the traffic lag. In the same vein, you need to consider the possibility of a security threat when you identify an unusual surge of traffic in your IT network. 

  • Providing essential information 

Having essential information from your network is the main purpose of utilizing a network for your interests. Monitoring your network through software will grant you additional information when compared to common users of that network. For instance, you can immediately identify all active devices from that network whereas non-authorized users can only receive standard-type information. Moreover, an authorized user of the network-monitoring software also possesses a greater authority to perform decisions during emergencies, such as generating emergency notifications pertaining to a network issue. 

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04 February 2021