AdIns Held AdIns Executive Business Gathering 2019 to Increase Knowledge About Business and Technology in This Digital Era

AdIns Held AdIns Executive Business Gathering 2019 to Increase Knowledge About Business and Technology in This Digital Era

Indonesia is developing into digital era. In this new era, we can increase day-to-day effectivity and efficiency.However, to survive in this technology era, you have to be prepared.That is why, Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi (AdIns)created“AdIns Executive Business Gathering 2019”seminar thatfocus on technology era and its effect on your business and personal life.The event located in JW Marriot Hotel, Jakarta, at November 14, 2019. It invited professionals who already use technology for their job. In this event, participant got so many useful insights, especially about how to maximize technology to increase your business performance.

, AdIns Held AdIns Executive Business Gathering 2019 to Increase Knowledge About Business and Technology in This Digital Era, Advance Innovations

Using Technology to Analyze Customer in the Millennial Era

The first speaker is Tobias Hartono, Head of CONFINS Cloud AdIns. In this event, he said, “total internet transaction in Indonesiahas been grown 6 times in the last 4 years and it will reach USD 19 billion in 2025.”This is related with Millennials as the maine-commerce users in Indonesia. Tobias shared a way to analyze customer behavior effectively and efficiently to help us make credit decision.He explained that to analyze customer behavior, we had to use these variables: age, income, area, internet use, and e-money payment. Then, healso explained about the benefit of using this customer behavior change analysis. Tobias Hartono said that using secondary data above, a multi-finance company can take all users data to be processed and as an insights to help multi-finance company analyze credit rating.

Increasing Business Competitiveness with Adaptive System

Currently we are in the middle of digital transformation era. It is clear Indonesia is adigital first nation. This fact is given by one of the speakers in the AdIns Executive Business Gathering 2019, Ivan Cristian. According to data, Ivan, the Head of Product Development Confins AdIns, said that Indonesia has the largest population in Instagram, with more than 57 million. Indonesia business is one of the most competitive competitions in the world. Ivan Cristian also said that to be successful in this digital era, business must use data. This is including fraud detection, credit storing, purpose of financing according to OJK rule, manage SLE, and adaptive system. With using adaptive business system, that can be changed and customized quickly, this business system will give you advantage in the market.

5G Technology Effect in Mobile Customer Behavior

Rolensa Mandeno, Head of Mobile BusinessAdIns, is one of the speakers and talk about Expecting 5G Technology on Mobile Customer Behavior. Rolensa Mandeno discussed about the importance of 5G technology in our life. He said, “this is an era where mobile is very important. We will face the new era, the 5G era, the eraof mobile applicationthat cannot be avoided.”He also explained about how to implement 5G and its effect to users. It started with the benefit of using 5G, the effect to smartphone users, how to apply 5G technology in Indonesia, and 5G technologyeffect in the industry. The 5Gtechnologyin Indonesia is not only give benefits to individuals, but also government. Rolenso Mandeno explained that 5G can change human behavior, and how we should prepare it.

The Era of Industry 4.0 Revolution Ease All Activities

Ali Naga Saputra, Head of IT Services Business, is invited as one of the speakers to deliver Facing the Era of Service 4.0speech. He said, “the new era is called the era of efficient, all things are done efficiently using technology called internet. All networks in the world become one.”Ali Naga Saputra explained that Indonesia is going from self-service era into seamless era. Companies and individuals hadto be adaptive and use four main keysin the era of industry 4.0. He said that those four keys were smart IT, cost effective, scalable, emerging technology,and agile to adapt.In this era of industry 4.0 revolution, Ali Naga Saputra said that IT is not the end of technological development. It needs to be developed into smart ITto give us more benefits in our daily life.

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10 January 2020