The Era of Industry 4.0 Revolution Makes Everything Easy

The Era of Industry 4.0 Revolution Makes Everything Easy

The era of Industry 4.0 revolution is the perfect era to shows the use of technology, especially internet, as the main catalyst of economy. With structured and easy-to-access system, the Indonesia President, Joko Widodo plans to push industry 4.0 revolution for the next couple of years.

To support those mission, AdIns Executive Business Gathering 2019 seminar by Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi (AdIns) invites Ali Naga Saputra, Head of IT Services Business, as one of the speakers to talk about Facing the Era of Service 4.0.

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In the seminar that held in JW Marriot Hotel, Jakarta, November 14, 2019, Ali Naga Saputra said, “the more modern era is called the era of efficient, where everything becomes efficient with the technology called internet. All networks in the world, has been connected into one.” This shows that industry 4.0 revolution, especially internet, is the largest catalyst of modern life.

, The Era of Industry 4.0 Revolution Makes Everything Easy, Advance Innovations

Going to the next step: The era of self-service and seamless

Ali Naga Saputra said that the era of self-service is the current era. The self-service era is an era where technology has been developed into wireless technology through mobile phone, cloud, and wireless technology. All things must be easy to use wherever and whenever.

The self-service era itself is in the end of its golden era. Next, the seamless era will replace it. The seamless era is an era where everything can be done smoothly and quicker. This era will come within the next three to five years. This era will decide your business fortune in the future.

Company and individual must be adaptive

In the era of industry 4.0 revolution, company and individual must be adaptive to customer. Ali Naga Saputra predicts, “in 2025, there will be significant increase on e-commerce, e-wallet, rate sharing, and others, where millennials will control the world. They will decide the future.”

The era of industry 4.0 revolution will change the behavior of millennials. This is why a company needs to adapt with the change. Ali Naga Saputra said that this is the time to transform IT into smart IT. IT is a manual technology. It is different with smart it that do everything quicker.

Four main keys of IT in the era of industry 4.0 revolution

Ali Naga Saputra explains that there are four main keys to change IT into smart IT. The first key is cost effective. All IT activity must be cost effective. With using IT correctly, we can reduce cost, but still give us amazing result.

The second key is scalable, it means it can be bigger. IT can expand its capability even in a complicated environment. The third key is an emerging technology. The technology development helps us to cut time and do everything more efficient.

It is possible if technology can give easier access to the user. An easy-to-use and simple technology will give advantage to business system.

The last key is being agile or adapt quickly. The era of industry 4.0 revolution will come. This era is the era of smart IT where everything will be easy, flexible, and fast. Ali Naga Saputra said, “Smart IT is an IT that think effectively, cut cost, develop existing technology, creating new technology, using cloud technology to be scalable, and creating IT department to prepare for the revolution.” 

In the era of industry 4.0 revolution, IT is not the last touch of technological development. IT needs to be developed into smart IT to give better benefits for daily life. As Ali Naga Saputra said, technology will always evolve and can be used to help human to become quicker, spend less money, and effective.

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10 January 2020