Example of a Data Entry Task Field

Example of a Data Entry Task Field

Examples of Data Entry Tasks – To assist companies in processing information, a data entry is required, which is an administrative type of job. Data information can be retrieved from forms, non-documents, or voice recordings.

This information will be entered into the computer system and ensure that the data is stored accurately and efficiently. Data entry jobs can exist in a variety of occupations that are usually administrative in nature but are generally required for financial services, retail, transportation, and health.

There are also in some cases sometimes companies that allow data entry to be done in the office, there are also those that allow remote work or what is known as freelance data entry.

In order to better understand, here is complete information about examples of data entry tasks and the skills needed.

What are the Duties of a Data Entry?

In general, data entry is part of the administrator’s job by retrieving data from forms, voice recordings, and other data sources and then being responsible for processing the information.

After that, the data will be entered into the computer system and must ensure that the data is entered accurately. Following are the data entry tasks:

Collecting Data Information and Entering it into a Database

After collecting information from various sources, the data entry officer then entered it into a database.

Ensuring Data Accuracy

When entering information, it is not just typing, but also requires accuracy in checking whether the typed information is correct, and according to the source.

Updating Database If Needed

A data entry person is also responsible for identifying which data needs to be updated or will be revised.

Perform Routine Information Backups

An example of data entry tasks is maintaining various important company data by backing up all data that has been entered on other media.

Finding Data Quickly

A data entry person must be able to find the intended data quickly because at any time the company needs old data to be processed again.

Rearrange Documents After Data Entry and Sorting Them

After entering data into the system, the next task is to manage the storage of these sources. For example, papers should be stored in a binder if the report is written and the file needs to be destroyed because the information is considered to have expired after a certain period.

Apart from some examples of data entry tasks as above, data entry is a profession that has several other tasks depending on company policy.

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Skills Required

Undergraduate levels that can fill data entry officers are usually from English, Mathematics, Computer Informatics (ICT), and from administrative education levels.

The function of data entry in companies is very important in order to minimize administrative burdens, cut costs, and ensure that data sources come from important sources. So that the company will choose a data entry officer who has some of these skills, including:

Good Written and Communication Skills

Data entry officers should have good writing and verbal skills because they will be involved both inside and outside the team

Fast Typing Capability

An example of a data entry task must have the ability to type fast because you have to enter a large amount of data entry in a short period of time.

High Concentration

This job must have high concentration, accuracy, and great patience because the data entry job will be continuous and spend a lot of time with the same task.

Detail Oriented

In order for the data entered to be accurate and reduce the risk of errors in entering large amounts of data, data entry officers must have extra precision.


Examples of data entry tasks must be able to complete work quickly and precisely and also maximize time and energy efficiency.

Technology literate

A data entry person must be good at adapting to various latest technologies such as a suite of programs or software that can simplify the data entry process or with basic programs such as word or excel.

Organized and Organized

A data entry officer in data archiving must be organized and organized to make it easier when needed.

That is an example of a data entry task, the main responsibility of a data entry officer is to ensure that the company database is accurate and regularly updated or up-to-date.

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28 June 2021