Examples of Manual Daily Attendance for Companies to Know

Examples of Manual Daily Attendance for Companies to Know

It is very important for staff to record their attendance in the attendance system. Why is it important? The attendance system can facilitate the company’s Human Resources Department (HRD) in knowing and assessing the level of employee discipline through data on incoming and outgoing hours. Employee attendance is also useful as a benchmark for determining the number of salary deductions if the employee is not present. Here, different companies try to use different examples of manual daily attendance.

That is the importance of the attendance system in your company. As a first step, you can create an attendance system using the examples of manual daily employee attendance in this article. Just read this article to find out examples that can be useful for you.

Benefits of Making the Attendance List

Examples of Manual Daily Attendance, Examples of Manual Daily Attendance for Companies to Know, Advance Innovations

You need to know the benefits of creating a daily attendance list for the company before looking at the examples below. The employee attendance list is not only useful for recording employee attendance along with their hours of entry and exit from the office, but attendance data is also needed to support the company’s overall activities.

Let’s see the explanation below so you understand better.

1. Ensuring the Smoothness of Operational Tasks

The company’s operational activities will not run smoothly if employees are not disciplined while working. That is the importance of attendance data for the company, especially for the HRD team. You can find out if the employee was absent for any reason or no reason and how many times they left early or arrived late.

This data is needed so that you can evaluate the operational activities that have been running for a certain period. You can predict if the problem lies in the indiscipline of employees if their work does not go smoothly.

2. Identifying the Staff’s Performance

Employee attendance database can be a tool to find out their performance during work. Their performance is not only judged by the quality and hours of work they spend but also by their discipline.

You can give rewards to employees who can make the best performance during work. They can also get a promotion according to the considerations that have been made. On the other hand, employees who have not succeeded in achieving their performance targets can be given an evaluation to be better at work.

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3. Counting the Staff’s Salaries More Accurately

Daily attendance is also useful so that the company can provide a more accurate salary. You can deduct an employee’s salary if they often leave for no apparent reason or get sick without a doctor’s letter. In addition, you can provide extra overtime pay for employees who leave the office late because of their overtime work. However, you need to recapitulate attendance data properly and regularly so that there are no errors in paying employee salaries.

4. Avoiding Fraud from the Staff

Fraud related to employee absenteeism can be overcome with a daily attendance system. Employees certainly will not report their absence because they feel the company will not know about it. A more detailed attendance system can also avoid employee fraud when filling out information on their hours of entry and exit from the office.

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Examples of Manual Daily Attendance Companies Can Do

After reading the benefits above, you can understand that the attendance system is indispensable in the company. You can try to create a daily employee attendance system manually first.

Several important columns must be inserted in the attendance sheet, such as employee personal data (name, title, and department), time to enter the office, and time to leave the office. However, you can modify the data according to the policies regarding employee attendance at the company. For clarity, take a look at some examples below.

1. Example 1

In this example, the attendance system is based on the type of employee shift. This example of attendance becomes ideal if there are part-time employees or freelancers in the company.

Examples of Manual Daily Attendance, Examples of Manual Daily Attendance for Companies to Know, Advance Innovations

2. Example 2

This sample attendance list combines data on all employee attendance in one day. All employees will fill in their attendance on this table.

Examples of Manual Daily Attendance, Examples of Manual Daily Attendance for Companies to Know, Advance Innovations

3. Example 3

You can also use the example below, namely recording the absence of all employees in 1 month of work. Usually, this example of an attendance system is more widely used by companies.

Examples of Manual Daily Attendance, Examples of Manual Daily Attendance for Companies to Know, Advance Innovations

Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual Attendance

Examples of Manual Daily Attendance, Examples of Manual Daily Attendance for Companies to Know, Advance Innovations

Several considerations need to be considered before implementing the manual daily attendance system above, such as its advantages and disadvantages. Use the explanation below for your consideration.

Advantages of Manual Attendance

Advantages of Manual Attendance

1. Doesn’t Require Extra Spending

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to install daily attendance technology in the office. Companies can simply rely on human resources such as the HRD team or office administrators to manage their attendance data.

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2. Simple Implementation

The manual attendance process is also simpler, making it ideal for start-up companies. You simply print the attendance data template on paper and then install the attendance system in front of the office door or room so that employees can fill it out.

3. Doable Without Internet

Manual attendance is also superior when used in unstable internet or electricity conditions. The contents of the data in the attendance system are still stored safely even when there is a power failure at your workplace.

Disadvantages of Manual Attendance

In addition to the advantages, there are also disadvantages to the manual attendance system. Here are the drawbacks:

1. Additional Paper Waste

The manual daily attendance system requires more paper without realizing it, especially if the company issues timesheets according to the names of their employees. This problem can lead to environmental damage due to the large amount of paper waste that is wasted when the data is stored on the computer.

2. Lack of Accuracy

Manual attendance still causes inaccuracies in the data entered by employees. This deficiency can lead to fraud because there are employees who try to manipulate their attendance data. For example, an employee who arrives late can change his hours so the company won’t know about it.

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3. Longer Data Processing Time

All attendance data that has been inputted needs to be processed and recapitulated as an employee report. The HRD team will take longer to process the data, especially if the number of employees is large. This deficiency will affect other decision-making processes, such as the amount of salary or giving rewards to employees.

So, what are the solutions that can be used to overcome the lack of manual attendance above? Of course, the solution is to use the Mobile Multifinance Application by AdIns. Your employees can simply take attendance anywhere via smartphone even though they are working from home. Employees can also complete work and communicate with their team through this application.

Interestingly, this application supports full offline support so it can still be used even though the internet network at the location is unstable. Attendance and work data are instantly synced once you’ve logged back into the app. Contact AdIns via WhatsApp to find out the full features or try the demo version of the Multifinance Mobile Application and experience the benefits of management efficiency in your company.

Do you still want to use the manual daily attendance example above? If so, don’t forget to save the data in a safe place. However, you can still use the Mobile Multifinance Application from AdIns if you want to try a more effective way!

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09 November 2022