Face Recognition: Definition, Uses, and How It Works

Face Recognition: Definition, Uses, and How It Works

The use of facial recognition as a security system has become increasingly popular in recent years. Apart from providing the necessary security, its use is also very easy. You just have to let the system work and everything will be done. Here, you will know how facial recognition works in providing security.

In simple terms, the face recognition system will scan your face and then save it into a database. Then, the data will be used as a comparison with the new data. Curious about what facial recognition actually is and how facial recognition works? Read more information below.

Definition of Face Recognition

Face recognition is a technology that can recognize facial structures and features by scanning. This facial recognition is carried out by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the scanning device.

Face recognition is actually not a technology that has just been discovered. In fact, this technology has been around since 1964. Face recognition was created through computer programs and calculations and mathematical rotation by Woodrow Wilson Bledsoe and two colleagues.

Its development is getting faster with the addition of features that can scan specific facial structures such as a person’s mouth and hair color. The initial use of facial recognition was intended for government purposes.

However, now it can be used by everyone who has a smart phone. Companies that produce cell phones are starting to equip all their devices with facial recognition technology so that the security of the information inside is maintained.

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How Does Facial Recognition Work?

how facial recognition works, Face Recognition: Definition, Uses, and How It Works, Advance Innovations

In general, the way facial recognition works is almost the same as other biometric technologies. The system needs to save the information into the database by performing a scan. The following is a more complete explanation of how facial recognition works.

1. Scanning

Face recognition can only be done when the information is stored in the database. That’s why as a first step a scan is needed to detect the entire structure of your face.

The success of a facial structure scan is determined by your position in front of the scanner. In this case it is recommended that you face straight ahead and parallel to the scanner device.

Face scanning is done not only from photos but also through video recordings in 3D.

2. Facial Features and Structure Analysis

The next step is to analyze the scan results. The results of the scan of your entire face will be immediately analyzed by the system.

The system will attempt to capture all the unique features and structures of your face in order to later be able to distinguish between different people’s identities.

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3. Processing Analysis Results into Face Print

The information stored by the system is not the shape, features and structure of your face. Information storage will be carried out when the results of the facial analysis have been converted into data that is recognized by the system.

The data contains numeric codes that describe the characteristics of your face. Specifically, the data is known as a face print.

4. Identification

Identification in this context is a comparison of your facial characteristics with other people’s. The facial characteristics that have been converted into face prints will then be compared by the system so that they can be identified accurately.

The system database basically stores hundreds of face prints that are used to identify a person’s face. Your face print that has been stored in the database can later be used to provide access to various existing electronic devices.

4 Uses of Face Recognition

how facial recognition works, Face Recognition: Definition, Uses, and How It Works, Advance Innovations

Here are some of the uses that you can get when using facial recognition technology after knowing how facial recognition works.

1. Giving a Sense of Safety

The differences in the shape, structure, and facial features of each person make for a very strong security system. An example is in the case of locking cellphones and other electronic devices that will make you feel safe.

No one will be able to unlock your phone because other people have different facial structures. Even if there are people who look like you, the system will try to identify them based on the information in the database.

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2. Identifying Criminal Doers

Face recognition is very useful in the act of identifying a person’s identity. This is especially useful for identifying the faces of criminals. Face recognition has even been applied to electronic devices such as CCTV so that security in an area is better maintained.

Face recognition technology in CCTV can no longer be underestimated because the system can recognize all faces caught on camera. If an act of theft occurs, the identity of the perpetrator can be known immediately.

3. Ease of Access

Face recognition also makes it easy to access many things, from your cell phone to office attendance. You no longer need to type a pin or password manually. Just face your face to the scanner device, then access will be immediately granted quickly.

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4. Increasing Work Efficiency

Face recognition technology can help human work to be more efficient. You can see this from the attendance system which no longer uses paper. Employee attendance is currently starting to switch to face recognition.

Whether through special scanning devices in the office or applications on mobile phones, facial recognition is also useful in capturing and storing customer data. Now the identity verification process is easier and faster. In just a matter of minutes, all identification processes can be completed.

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how facial recognition works, Face Recognition: Definition, Uses, and How It Works, Advance Innovations

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11 July 2022