Faceshield To Fight Against COVID-19

Faceshield To Fight Against COVID-19

Lately, the number of positive cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia continues growing. Medical staff is the frontline in handling patients related to corona cases, which causes medical staff to inevitably become the most vulnerable group and at risk of coronavirus infection. Plus, medical staffs are overwhelmed in dealing with patients. This is exacerbated by the inadequate availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and increasingly scarce PPE so that medical staff experience a shortage of tools to protect themselves.

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In the past, the DKI Jakarta government announced that there was already much medical staff exposed to corona, and some of them were declared dead. This is due to the lack of self-protection tools needed when handling patients. One of the PPE needed by medical staff is faceshield, which has begun to be difficult to obtain.

, Faceshield To Fight Against COVID-19, Advance Innovations

Therefore, PT Adicipta Technological Innovation participated in helping meet the needs of self-protection equipment for medical workers who are struggling. AdIns mobilized its employees to be involved in making faceshield. Security and OB level to Management, together produce alternative faceshield that can be used by medical workers in large numbers. Then the finished faceshield will be donated to several hospitals in Jakarta that handle corona cases.

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This activity is a form of concern from AdIns for medical staff who are struggling to care for patients tirelessly. Our help might not be as big as what they gave and done. But AdIns wants to support them as one way to fulfill our vision of being a blessing to others.

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12 May 2020