Factors Affecting the Success of IT Service Businesses

Factors Affecting the Success of IT Service Businesses

Factors Affecting the Success of IT Service Businesses! It is undeniable that technological advances are currently developing rapidly. With technology, human life becomes easier and more developed. Many business opportunities are quite profitable by taking advantage of technological sophistication.

Even though the IT business is still relatively new, there are many people who want to enter this field. So that the chances of success are wide open. If necessary, mention the factors that influence the success of a business in the IT field.

Selling price

In general, people tend to consider price in choosing something, including in the service sector. Low prices with high-quality values ​​are preferred because they are more affordable. For that, make a competitive price so that it can stay afloat. However, if the price made in the market cannot compete, the business is more prone to failure.

The extent of Market Share

The marketing area can be a factor in the success or failure of your IT venture. the wider the marketing area, the more likely it will be interested in it. That way the chances of success are greater. One way to make our market share wider is to create advertisements on the internet or social media.

Social media can help you expand your marketing area, not only in the area where you live but also outside the city and even abroad. In addition, advertising on social media is considered the cheapest because it only relies on gadgets and internet connections.

Media Optimization

There are many marketing media that you can use, be it with flyers, posters, or the easiest advertisements on social media. Apart from that, any marketing media that you use should not be used just once.

It is recommended to be used continuously. Why? Because if you stop advertising, it could be assumed that you are no longer opening the business. For that make advertisements continuously and periodically, if, on social media, you can do it every day.


As already mentioned above, doing marketing by taking advantage of today’s technology, has a big influence on the success of your business. Now social media has become an important part of every society, be it for communication or doing business.

So marketing on social media is more effective than making offline advertisements such as making posters and so on. Make an attractive promotion, so that your potential customers are more interested in using your product or service.

Product excellence

This is very important to pay attention to when you want to market a product or service. The service or product that you market must be attractive and have its own characteristics. Even though our business is the same, consumers will be more interested if we have a unique or uniqueness that is different from other products or services.

Those are some of the factors that can affect the success of your business in the IT field. You need to know, there are many profitable IT business opportunities. All you can try according to ability.

First, there is a startup that is the newest business today. To become a startup, it takes expertise in programming, design, SEO marketing, and so on. Second, there is a graphic design which is the most promising business opportunity.

Graphic design is a good opportunity because the high selling price depends on your ability to design. Only by showing the results of the graphic design that you make, it will be easier to offer it to consumers.

Third, there are bloggers for those of you who have a hobby of writing. Besides having good writing skills, being a blogger must also understand hosting, SEO. So you can compete with other bloggers.

The fourth business opportunity is a mobile application. The ability to create applications on smartphones is really needed. Judging from the rapid development of mobile applications from year to year. Be it game applications or other data applications.

Those are some business opportunities in the IT field that you can try. Start by mentioning the success factors of a business in the IT field so that the chances of success can be easily achieved.

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12 July 2021