An ideal IT network infrastructure status is a highly sought condition for all institutions that rely on the internet to fulfill their daily activities. In this regard, the IT division of multiple institutions needs to pay attention to their respective network infrastructure status as a daily task. As the institutions’ infrastructure is increasingly digitalized from time to time, the danger of errors in the IT network infrastructure becomes evident. To ensure that the IT network infrastructure will always work without a hitch, owners need to pay special attention to maintaining the IT network infrastructure status. 

Usually, owners can ensure their IT network infrastructure status by doing several things from emplacing the qualified IT network experts to maintaining the network’s hardware capability. Having experienced experts in ensuring the network’s operational status is a prerogative for owners as maintaining the network can be costly. Moreover, the experts can minimalize possible mistakes since such responsibility already exists in their job description. In the same vein, the network’s hardware inventory should always be optimal at all times. Having a server disturbance during office hours will severely hinder daily activities in an office and hamper the staffs’ performance. 

As such, there are ways that you can do to ensure that the network infrastructure status will remain flawless. Those ways consist of: 

  • Network monitoring software 

Technology development has enabled us with simpler and faster ways to ensure the efficiency of the network monitoring job description. Using a network monitoring software is one of such methods that we can do to ensure an optimal IT network infrastructure status. Since there is a lot of free network monitoring software across the internet, you need to identify which one that will match your needs and interests to ensure maximum performance. 

  • Inventory of essential infrastructures 

Similar to other non-IT infrastructures, an inventory is necessary so that you can keep a record of currently used infrastructure components. These components may consist of firewalls, servers, routers, distribution switches, and other devices that constitute your overall network infrastructure. Through manual or automatic methods such as installing monitoring software, you can easily keep up with each device’s operational status.  

  • Status map of operational networks 

Think of your IT network infrastructure as a city map filled with multiple public facilities and vital infrastructures. Each of these facilities and infrastructures is essential to ensure the society will always be properly taken care of by the city’s government. In the same spirit, IT network technicians must have a comprehensive IT network infrastructure map to guarantee the IT network infrastructure status.  

  • Securitization of network infrastructure 

It has been a commonly agreed consensus that everyone wants his or her office’s network to be safe and secure at all times. While threats such as DDoS and computer virus exist, network errors and disturbances are equally detrimental for the staffs’ performance. As such, IT network technicians will have to prepare preventative measures before such incidents can take place. They can ensure the IT network infrastructure status by installing antivirus programs, security protocols, and similar devices. 

  • Network visitors’ tracker 

Although internal staffs are the ones who commonly access their office’s network, there are instances where non-staff entities may access the network. Since the non-staff individuals come from different backgrounds, the office needs to keep track of who is going in or out from the network. Using IP tracker software can help you in performing this task to prevent security intrusion by non-authorized users. 

From these methods, the IT network infrastructure status will make or break your office’s overall performance. When functioning properly, the IT network infrastructure status will inform you that your office’s progress will not be impeded. For that reason, you need to be more watchful of your own office’s infrastructure well-being. Happy working! 

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Published date :

11 February 2021