5 Worth Knowing Characteristics of Cloud Computing 

5 Worth Knowing Characteristics of Cloud Computing 

Are you planning to implement cloud computing in your company shortly? Surely you need to consider choosing a credible cloud computing provider to use this service. Unfortunately, the number of cloud computing companies in Indonesia can make you confused about making the right choice. Fortunately, the solution is that you need to know the characteristics of cloud computing so you know which option is right for your business. 

In this article, you will get to know more details about cloud computing and its characteristics that you need to know. Start exploring the characteristics of cloud computing in this article as a guide to choosing the right type of service and being able to provide added value to your business! 

Definition of Cloud Computing 

What exactly is cloud computing? Cloud computing is a technology that enables the delivery of computing services over the Internet. These services include servers, software, data storage, databases, networks, and analytical systems. 

After using cloud computing, you no longer need to buy hardware, software, and infrastructure for data storage. You only need to pay for cloud computing services that are used as needed. Cloud computing can reduce the cost of a company’s investment in IT infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.  

Cloud computing also provides flexibility and easy access to data from various locations. All the functions and characteristics of cloud computing have also proven to be very useful in supporting the performance of your business. 

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Functions of Cloud Computing 

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Cloud computing has several functions to help business activities. There are three main functions of using cloud computing, such as: 

1. Increasing Data Storage Capacity

Cloud computing is essentially a data storage service. The difference with conventional services lies in the greater storage capacity in cloud computing. With this computing, you no longer need to buy flash drives or hard drives. Cloud computing entirely uses the Internet as a storage medium and all information is stored in an Internet database that uses big data technology. 

2. Improving Business Performance

The use of cloud computing can improve the performance of all business employees, especially stakeholders. They can connect at the same time and save the necessary resources. Each team or department can work productively and optimally thanks to the presence of cloud computing. 

3. Updating the System Regularly 

A cloud computing system that continues to update regularly will be very useful in overcoming various deficiencies that existed in previous versions. This function can provide greater benefits because businesses can now keep abreast of trends in the digital-based technology era.  

Cloud computing updates also aim to improve security and features to provide a better experience to internet users around the world. 

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Types of Cloud Computing 

Four types of cloud computing services are often used by various companies today. The characteristics of cloud computing eventually categorize this computing based on their networks, such as public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and community cloud. What are the things that distinguish these four types of clouds? 

1. Public Cloud

As the term implies, a public cloud is a cloud service that is public and can be accessed by anyone as long as it is connected to the internet. These services are usually provided free of charge, but some offer additional features for a fee. Almost all social media and other applications that we use have a public cloud as their computing service. 

2. Private Cloud

A private cloud is a private cloud service and can only be accessed by administrators and users who have access. These services are generally not free of charge and you have to buy them from a cloud service provider company. Nevertheless, private clouds have higher security and better customizability than public clouds. 

3. Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a combination of a public cloud and a private cloud. This service can be used for various information technology needs, more precisely data storage. The private cloud functions as the main infrastructure, while the public cloud functions as a backup. 

4. Community Cloud

A community cloud is a cloud service dedicated to the needs of certain communities, organizations, or institutions. This service can be managed by internal parties or third parties and can be customized according to user needs. You can choose a community cloud if you want higher digital security for your community. 

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karakteristik cloud computing, 5 Worth Knowing Characteristics of Cloud Computing , Advance Innovations

There are five characteristics of cloud computing that you need to consider before purchasing the right cloud service for your business: 

1. On-Demand Self Service

Cloud computing must have a self-service portal. This portal can help you configure and manage services independently without having to interact with cloud computing vendors. Vendors only provide services automatically and you do not need to communicate with the vendor unless there is a problem. 

2. Broad Network Access

Broad network access is a cloud computing service that can be accessed anytime and anywhere only through an internet-connected device or platform. Users can use devices such as thin clients, thick clients, or other media such as smartphones to access cloud computing services. This type of cloud computing is usually built using a website as a basis so that it can be accessed more widely. 

3. Rapid Elasticity

Elasticity in this context means that cloud computing services must be available quickly to meet user needs. This service must also exist in an unlimited capacity so that it can be adjusted to the desired specifications. In addition, cloud computing must also be scalable, so that the specifications can be increased or decreased according to your needs. 

4. Resource Pooling

An example that is no less important in the characteristics of cloud computing includes several resources or resources that form the foundation, such as networks, servers, applications, services, and storage. These resources are used simultaneously by several users on various platforms and are grouped in a data center. The data center consists of multiple servers that are multi-tenant, so they can be accessed at the same time. 

5. Measured Service

The final example of many characteristics of cloud computing is that it must be scalable. Cloud computing services should be able to track information about the usage sizes you have used. This information is useful as a benchmark for you in paying for cloud services according to the features or capacity used. Cloud computing uses a measurement system to measure the use of each resource, such as storage capacity, bandwidth, and user activity. 

Cloud computing has been proven as a technology that can make your work easier. However, besides reaping these conveniences, you need to pay attention to the five essential characteristics of cloud computing when choosing the right service according to your needs. These characteristics are also useful for ensuring that the information stored in the cloud remains safe and is not easily hacked by other people. 

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karakteristik cloud computing, 5 Worth Knowing Characteristics of Cloud Computing , Advance Innovations

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