Knowing the Definition and Work Process of a Database

Knowing the Definition and Work Process of a Database

Companies or organizations can have a lot of data that must be stored in a certain period. Databases are a solution for storing large amounts of important information on computers. This automated work process of a database makes this solution increasingly preferred for storing data.

Databases are usually software-based so that the process of collecting and processing data is easier. Searching for the required documents or files gets smoother with the automation process when using database software. Companies will benefit more if they use software to process data, considering the work flow is getting faster in this digital age.

Definition of a Database and Its Progression

Database is information or data collected in an organized and structured manner and then stored in a computer system. Usually, databases are stored and processed with software that has a database management system (DBMS) in it. We are also familiar with the term database system, which includes data, DBMS, and the software that operates it.

The concept of a database has actually been around since the early 1960s. Navigational database is the original type of database that was created at that time. This navigational database can be in the form of a hierarchical database, which is a database model such as genealogy and each data has only one relation each. There is also a network database, which is a more flexible model, each data has many relations.

Over time, the types of databases based on the relationship between the data are also increasing. One type was very popular in its day, such as the relational database which was popular in the 1980s or object-oriented databases in the 1990s.

Now, it’s the turn of NoSQL databases that are increasingly popular, even though SQL is an important programming language in databases. NoSQL was created because of the rapid development of the internet. There are so many users who want fast processing and fastness in processing data, so this type of database was created.

There is another new type of database, which is called a cloud database. The contents are structured or unstructured data sets stored with cloud technology. This process allows the storage and processing of databases to be carried out without recognizing the boundaries of space and time.

Work Process of a Database and SQL

The database model is similar to spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel, where the information is a data table consisting of various columns and rows. The database consists of code, queries, formulas, and others that are useful for automating the data collection process. This automation is useful so that the processing and querying of data runs more efficiently. We can customize this automation to suit our needs.

Databases, except for the NoSQL type, usually use a structured query language (SQL) programming language in the process. The use of SQL was first developed by IBM in the 1970s and was immediately applied in relational databases.

This programming language is very helpful for querying, manipulating and identifying data, in addition to providing access control to its users. Now, SQL is not the only programming language in databases, along with the emergence of other programming languages ​​such as Java, C +, Python, and others.

Automation in this database brings many benefits to its users. They can save time in processing and recording data. Compared to regular spreadsheets, databases are considered superior when it comes to storing large amounts of data. The database is also considered more secure because we can control who can access the data in it.

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09 December 2021