Let Us Get to Know the Definition of a Server Computer

Let Us Get to Know the Definition of a Server Computer

In the current digital era, most of our activities and jobs will utilize technology in many ways. Moreover, if you happen to be the owner of a prestigious business, you need to ensure that your business and job will always work optimally. Like it or not, you must learn how to use and optimize technologies in your surroundings so that you can be more advanced and relevant. Learning new technology also includes understanding the database computerization system to help to understand your job conditions. One of the things that you need to learn more about is server computer. Although some people have heard of this term (including you), its definition is still poorly understood. Here is a complete explanation of server computer.

The definition of server computer

Let us start with the definition of server computer itself. Server computer is a part of the wider computer network system. Other than server computers, there exists client computer as well. In this regard, server computer is a commonly used hardware to manage all activities within that network system.

If your business requires a reliable data and information management system, server computer can be an answer for that need. It is no wonder that you might encounter non-IT businesses that rely on this particular technology as well.

Function of server computer

Why does everyone use server computer? The obvious answer is that the computer possesses many useful functions. The main function of server computer is to handle and accommodate requests from client computers. Client computers are usually connected with the server computer. When the client computer requests data or certain information, it needs to retrieve access from the server computer that stores all of the data and information in the network.

The second function of server computer is its role as the core of the computer network itself. This is the reason why server computer holds an immense-sized memory base to store numerous amount of data and information. Lastly, server computer also takes the role of managing the data traffic within the network.

Specifications of server computer

To be able to meet its functions optimally, server computer requires the appropriate specifications. Here are some ideal specification points for an ideal server computer.

1. Processor

The first important specification is the computer processor. An example of a commonly used server computer processor is the processor from either Intel or AMD. These two brands have their strengths and weaknesses that you should consider.

2. RAM

You should also consider the RAM capacity for your server computer. You need to know that the RAM size for a server computer is not that big. Even with 512 MB RAM, your server computer should be able to run the server operating system. Moreover, you should adjust the number of connected client computers to increase productivity.

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3. Storage memory

The last specification is the storage memory. There are two kinds of storage memory that you can use, namely HDD and SSD. We recommend you to use SSD because of its faster performance than HDD. Furthermore, adjust the storage with your server computer’s needs. If you need the storage for the office of business operation needs, you need a higher storage capacity to meet such requirements.

After learning about the definition of server computer and its functions, many software vendors offer server computer installment and management services. AdIns is one of such vendors that provide many service choices for you to develop computer network in your office or business.

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09 April 2021