Lite DMS Signing Ceremony and Kick Off Meeting

Lite DMS Signing Ceremony and Kick Off Meeting

On Monday, March 19th, 2018 – PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi conducted Lite DMS Signing Ceremony and Kick Off Meeting with PT. Meikarta. This ceremony was held at Meikarta head office in Maxx Box, Orange County, Lippo Cikarang. The representative of PT. Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi (AdIns) and PT. Meikarta AdIns were signing the agreement of Lite DMS Implementation. AdIns is hoping the best process from the beginning to the end of project.The signing represented by Mr. Joen S. Chandre as Sales Director of AdIns. From Meikarta, the signing was done by Mr. Indra as Head Division of Property Sales Administration and Services.

AdIns are keen to always encourage the financing company to implement the system that capable simplifying any works with a simple way. Lite DMS is one of the best solution AdIns has that help document office management effectively and efficiently. It was made to facilitate the most common way for documents field from paper form into digital form. It is also proven reducing time to look for any document types.

Both parties were having a warm conversation. Back to the essence topic, Lite DMS has been used by more than 10 multifinance companies. AdIns designed this software for any company sector, especially for multfinance. Besides Lite DMS, AdIns has another services and products, such as CONFINS, AdIns Mobile, and ACE (AdIns Center of Exellence). CONFINS is a finance core system that help multifinance operations and increase its sales growth. AdIns Mobile solutions offer a wide range of mobile enterprise applications which take advantage of important features of mobile devices including mobile data service, photo cameras, and geotagging (using GPS feature) and fully compatible with various mobile operating systems such as Android. And about tha last, AdIns Center of Excellence specialize in providing HR services related to the Information Technology (IT) field. Backed by AdIns’ extensive experience in the IT industry, AdIns truly understand the specific nature in recruiting, developing, and managing IT people.

In the end of ceremony, AdIns are highly eager to run the projects properly and give the best results as PT. Meikarta hopes.

Author :

Anisa Andamdewi

Published date :

20 March 2018