Mobile Application for Multifinance Debtor

Mobile Application for Multifinance Debtor

MobilMobile Application for Multifinance Debtor – Applications for loans from home are now commonplace, one of which is by using the mobile application for this credit. This application is available on mobile for you multi-finance customers who need a credit or financing applications. 

The existence of this application certainly makes the development of the millennial market greatly influencing customer behavior and the financial industry to become more efficient and practical. One of them is helping multi-finance companies to increase customer involvement and expand the millennial market. Some of the features provided in this mobile application include: 

Apply for independent credit 

Customers can apply for loans from home using this customer mobile application. The purpose of this application is to make it easier for customers or customers regarding financing problems. 

Multifinance will help finance the product that the customer wants to credit. So that it is faster and easier for customers to apply for a loan from home. 

This is done by improving the system by filtering customer profiles. In addition, there is also an automatic installment calculation system that greatly facilitates multi-finance parties. 

Customer self-service (customer self-service) 

With this application, customers will be provided with services in the form of submitting loan applications personally via cell phones without having to leave the house. 

Not only that, but customers are also free to access various information related to available loans. That way, of course, the borrowing process becomes even more practical. 

Create a loyalty program 

It is very easy to get loyalty programs for multi-finance companies because this application is very possible in making creative programs. This is manifested as an effort to increase customer loyalty in applying for credit for goods or loans. 

You, as the company, will certainly benefit if the target customer can be reached with the loyalty program that you have created in this application. 

Can carry out promotions and campaigns directly to customers 

This customer mobile application allows you to campaign for your company with the availability of enhancement features as well as content development. 

You can review a lot of information about your company’s products that will be offered to customers. This application can also be used to display your promotional content with the aim of increasing customer engagement. 

Not only that, but you can also load your company profile as a marketing tool to attract customers to apply for loans. 

Product management 

Our predefined rules and pricing tables from our product management feature help your company build advanced sales tools via mobile 

Leadership management 

There is also a monitoring feature related to loan prospects from delivery to all statuses. In this simplicity, the application is only served with a glance according to the needs of management management 

Mobile subscribers 

Customers will definitely want to check credit information that is more practical. With this feature, various credit information is displayed according to customer access needs related to the information required. 

This customer mobile application system has been integrated into any multi-finance core system so that the application can contain information such as customer agreements, payment history, loans, BPKB status, customer summaries as well as information related to services for customers. 

With this feature, customers will certainly find it easier to borrow or credit certain goods. 

Mobile credit 

Your company’s mobile credit feature also makes it easy to cross-sell products with loans that your customers have previously agreed to. 

In this case, it will certainly allow customers to make transactions with merchants that have been confirmed by you as the company. 

Mobile Loyalty 

As reviewed in the previous point, this application also provides a loyalty feature. Where the company can carry out promotions by offering gifts, omnichannel and personalized. 

The system for this mobile loyalty feature is designed with a multiple-point calculation method. With the aim that customers can access it easier and allow you to see profit opportunities there, as well as customers. 

Those are some things related to the features of the customer mobile application that are very helpful for multi-finance companies in advancing their companies while making it easier for customers to apply for loans or credit goods. Where all these activities can be done at home using your smartphone. 

Author :

Ad Ins

Published date :

11 March 2021