Mobile Application for Multifinance Surveyors

Mobile Application for Multifinance Surveyors

Mobile Application for Multifinance Surveyors – Every customer who wants to apply for credit requires several processes, including the survey process. This important task will be carried out by the surveyor, who will collect various kinds of information related to customer data, until finally it can be analyzed, and will determine whether the credit application is accepted or not.

There are also standard data that are usually collected, such as KTP or SIM, KK or Family Card, Marriage Certificate for those who are married, photocopy of passbooks, to filling out data on forms. Meanwhile, credit applications that are usually submitted by employees or employees in a company usually must include other requirements such as salary slips, employee cards, and photocopies of bank statements, for entrepreneurs who wish to apply. 

From each data collected by this multi-finance surveyor, it will then be given to the company’s analysis team. Looking at the narrative above, it is clear that this role is very important, it can even be said, that he is the spearhead, both for the customer and for the company he represents.

It usually takes several days to several weeks for the credit process to be decided. Because this credit analysis will go through several stages, including 5C, namely character, capacity, capital, collateral, and also the condition of the prospective debtor. 

, Mobile Application for Multifinance Surveyors, Advance Innovations

As time goes by and of course technological advances in this digital era, to make it easier and support the work tasks of a surveyor, a mobile application is here. This application, which can be applied to Android-based phones, is made user-friendly so that every job done by surveyors will be much faster, more efficient, and of course accurate. 

And it is undeniable that this kind of work speed will also be liked by prospective customers so that their wishes when they need emergency funds can immediately get a decision. The verification process using a mobile application is used online, allowing real-time results to be obtained. 

Benefits of Mobile Applications

In general, when a surveyor wants to carry out a survey, he needs some equipment, such as stationery, documentation tools, calculating tools, and a folder containing various files. 

This equipment must be brought when the multi-finance surveyor will conduct an offline survey.

Here it is clear that by using a mobile application to support the surveyor’s work, these tools are no longer needed. So that it is calculated to be more efficient and the possibility of data loss can be minimized. 

Even the use of this kind of application, allows companies to monitor where their surveyors are. This is because the application is usually integrated with GPS, which will also help surveyors when collecting data. 

, Mobile Application for Multifinance Surveyors, Advance Innovations

Qualification of a Multi-Purpose Surveyor

Seeing the sophistication of a surveyor application, doesn’t mean that companies ignore the role of their surveyors. Leasing or credit companies still have to find a surveyor with several conditions, such as: 

  • Loyal 

A surveyor clearly needed his loyalty. Where he can properly store all important data and information and not leak it to any party. 

  • Honest 

In addition, a surveyor should also be an honest person, so that the data obtained from the survey results can be justified and obtained in the right way, not the result of engineering. 

  • Integrity 

A good surveyor should also be an integrated person who will ultimately show customer survey results that are appropriate to the company’s needs and are feasible. Where the survey results are not obtained from the influence of other parties and are independent results. 

  • Resilient 

Next are the characteristics that must be possessed by a multi-finance surveyor, namely resilience so that they are able to get all the information based on the results of observations, asset valuations, business analysis, and others.

Of the many conditions that must be fulfilled in order to become a professional multi-finance surveyor, the existence of a supporting mobile application will further strengthen the surveyor’s performance. So that is expected, the accuracy of the data is getting maximum and higher. 

Seeing the relationship between the two, it seems that mobile applications for multi-finance surveyors should be owned by various companies related to finance, listing, credit, or the like. So that the professionalism of the company looks much better and it is expected of course, that the prospective customers will like it more.

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22 February 2021