Product Knowledge of AdIns Mobile – Solution for Multifinance

Product Knowledge of AdIns Mobile – Solution for Multifinance

23 July 2018, Facing the fast improvement of digital era, enterprises indirectly are sued to choose whether their own company stand on those conventional platform to support their business or not. Financing companies especially multifinance, get a tight hook with surveyor and collector. It’s not a new tale that some or even many surveyor and collector sometimes cannot be detected while they are on field, doing their job.

In order to avoid those problem and make sure that your company system run effectively with mobile apps, AdIns offers its mainstay product called AdIns Mobile. This kind of software is made especially for mulfinance solution. Arised in the year of 2011, AdIns Mobile team has been elevating the version and feature released. This product has been applied by more than 20 financing companies especially multifinance. AdIns mobile divided into three main specification. They are Mobile Survey, Mobile Collection and Mobile Sales Order.

Referring to your company activity, are these your pains happening from surveyor area :

  1. Getting any fake or inaccurate information and location from leads,
  2. Producing more and more paper only for this field,
  3. Need to manage scattered survey location,
  4. Wondering where your surveyor team,
  5. Feeling low productivity,
  6. And questioning data quality from surveyor?

Then AdIns mobile is the most potent solution for you.AdIns Mobile Survey is ready to cover those pains bravely. Enriched by :

  • Data Quality Assurance
  • Location Tracking
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Automatic Data Reconciliation
  • Photo Capture and Location Tagging,

AdIns Mobile Survey helps company to get the real information and location from leads, save many paper, data quality verified by geo tagging and predefined questionnaire, and surveyor’s track recorded on system, cannot be faked.

That’s just talked about surveyor, what about your collector performance?Having some issues like :

  1. Non-deposit fund – money untraced
  2. Getting fake receipt
  3. Unknown real money colleted?

AdIns Mobile Collection, once again can answer those problem for your company. This collection system has several benefits with its feature existed in this mobile type. Those benefits are :

  • Everything got recorded
  • Including all fund receipt
  • Collector location track
  • Producing official receipt
  • Clear fund to deposit to teller, and “many more”.

Don’t let that “many more” haunt you.

Go find this solution clearer with the complete information, apply it and feel the increasing productivity for your company!

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23 July 2018